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The sixth season of The CW's Arrow is on the horizon, and if you saw the Season 5 finale, you will understand why we're all excited for the show's return. After the jaw-dropping ending last season and this year's epic San Diego Comic-Con trailer, it looks like Star City is in for some major changes.

However, in amidst all that craziness, there will be an abundance of cast additions, including returning fan-favorites, brand new threats and original supporting characters. So, it's safe to say that whatever is left of Team Arrow will have a lot on their plates this season.

From former series regulars to new guest stars, as well as all newly promoted cast members, let's take a look at all the new cast members of Arrow for Season 6.

Note: This list will be updated to include new additions to the cast as they're announced, so be sure to return to this article regularly.

Chastity Dotson — Onyx

Chastity Dotson in 'Single Ladies'. [Credit: VH1]
Chastity Dotson in 'Single Ladies'. [Credit: VH1]

The latest cast addition to Arrow will be portraying another famous DC Comics character. Chastity Dotson will be playing the role of Onyx — a character who has come into contact with the Green Arrow himself in the comics.

  • Past Projects: Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, Single Ladies, The Pitch, Imposters, In The Cut
  • What We Know: In the comics, Onyx is a retired member of the League Of Assassins who ends up becoming a vigilante, encountering the likes of Green Arrow, Black Canary and Batman. In Arrow, she will be the leader of a rogue black-ops team who break into Kord Industries to steal a lethal item. She will appear in the third episode of Season 6.
  • Why She's Perfect: With nearly two decades worth of film and TV experience (including a lot of work in police/law dramas), Doston will have no issue adapting to Arrow and bringing the charismatic Onyx to life.

Katie Cassidy — Black Siren

Katie Cassidy will return as Black Siren. [Credit: The CW]
Katie Cassidy will return as Black Siren. [Credit: The CW]

Undoubtedly the biggest addition to the cast is the returning Katie Cassidy. An Arrow veteran, Cassidy portrayed Laurel Lance/Black Canary for the show's first four seasons until she was controversially killed off. But after outcry from fans, the actress is back to her former series regular position, but this time, she's playing Laurel's evil Earth-2 doppelgänger, Black Siren.

  • Past Projects: Supernatural, Taken, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, The Scribbler, Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, Wolves At The Door.
  • What We Know: Black Siren may have appeared as a chief lieutenant for Zoom and Prometheus in The Flash and Arrow respectively, but now she gets the chance to shine on her own. Despite being villainous, her troubled past on Earth-2 will be explored this season, and hints at a redemption arc. We know that she will interact with Earth-1 Laurel's family, particularly her father Quentin, and we may even see a showdown with Laurel's sister, Legends Of Tomorrow's White Canary, Sara Lance.
  • Why She's Perfect: Cassidy proved she could bring justice to a role as sacred as Laurel/Black Canary by giving us a dramatic and badass performance on the show's first four seasons. But as her guest appearances as Black Siren on The Flash Season 2 and Arrow Season 5 have proven, she's ready to bring the badassery to a whole new level. An Arrow veteran, she's back where she rightfully belongs, and I can't wait to see Black Siren scream her way back into our hearts.

Juliana Harkavy — Dinah Drake

Juliana Harkavy is a series regular this season. [Credit: The CW]
Juliana Harkavy is a series regular this season. [Credit: The CW]

Debuting as a guest star last season, Juliana Harkavy appeared as Dinah Drake, the woman who would go on to take over the Black Canary mantle after Laurel Lance's unjust death. She quickly became a fan-favorite and has been promoted to a series regular for Season 6.

  • Past Projects: Dolphin Tale, To Write Love on Her Arms, The Walking Dead, Constantine, Arrow (Season 5).
  • What We Know: Dinah's appearance in the trailer not only confirmed that the character survives the Lian Yu blast, but that she will also be getting a new badass costume. Moreover, the character is reportedly going to get a love interest this season and will clash will Black Siren.
  • Why She's Perfect: While the idea of a third Black Canary felt quite forced, Harkavy absolutely owned the role as Dinah and made us all fall in love with her, and I have no doubt that she will continue to do so in Season 6. She was undoubtedly one of the standout of Season 5.

Rick Gonzalez — Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog

Wild Dog is a popular character. [Credit: The CW]
Wild Dog is a popular character. [Credit: The CW]

One of the Green Arrow's new recruits, Rene Ramirez was the hothead of the group last season. But despite that, Wild Dog proved himself to be a worthy member of Team Arrow 2.0. And he was so well-received that actor Rick Gonzalez was promoted to a series regular for Season 6.

  • Past Projects: Coach Carter, Reaper, Roll Bounce, Rush, Arrow (Season 5), Deuces.
  • What We Know: While there has yet to be any video or photographic proof, Gonzalez's promotion to series regular all but confirms that Wild Dog survived the island explosion.
  • Why He's Perfect: Gonzalez knew exactly how to portray both Ramirez's hotheaded attitude and his softer side, and I can't wait to see him explore both sides in more depth this season.

Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson on 'Lost'. [Credit: ABC]
Michael Emerson on 'Lost'. [Credit: ABC]
  • Past Projects: The Practice, Lost, Saw, Person Of Interest.
  • What We Know: We literally know nothing about Emerson's role on the show yet. However, it's rumored that he may be playing Helix leader, Cayden James.
  • Why He's Perfect: As we don't anything about Emerson's role yet, we can't specifically say why he's perfect for it, but based on his previous roles, he's a perfect fit for Arrow.

Manu Bennett — Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

Deathstroke is back for Season 6. [Credit: The CW]
Deathstroke is back for Season 6. [Credit: The CW]
  • Past Projects: Spartacus, The Hobbitt film series, Arrow (Seasons 1-3), The Shannara Chronicles.
  • What We Know: Thanks to the Season 6 trailer, we also know that Slade Wilson survives the Lian Yu explosion. But that's not all we know. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that Slade will be present in the Season 6 premiere and that we will see a two-parter flashback episode devoted to the character.
  • Why He's Perfect: Bennett was superb as Wilson in his recurring and regular roles in the show's first two seasons. His Deathstroke is one of the 's greatest creations and it's so fulfilling to finally see him back under the orange mask. Let's hope we see plenty more of him throughout Season 6.

Kirk Acevedo — Ricardo Diaz/Richard Dragon

Acevedo on '12 Monkeys'. [Credit: Syfy]
Acevedo on '12 Monkeys'. [Credit: Syfy]
  • Past Projects: The Thin Red Line, Dinner Rush, Oz, Band Of Brothers, Fringe, 12 Monkeys, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.
  • What We Know: It was previously teased that well-known comic book character Richard Dragon would be showing up on Arrow; it's now confirmed that Acevedo will be portraying Ricardo Diaz, a different iteration of the character. Diaz is described as a master of hand-to-hand combat, undefeated in combat, who wants to take over Star City's criminal underworld.
  • Why He's Perfect: With roles in Band Of Brothers, 12 Monkeys and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, Acevedo is no stranger to portraying gritty roles. This will make him a perfect choice to portray the hardened ex-con on Arrow.

Sydelle Noel — Samanda Watson

Sydelle Noel in 'GLOW'. [Credit: Netflix]
Sydelle Noel in 'GLOW'. [Credit: Netflix]
  • Past Projects: Captive, GLOW.
  • What We Know: Sydelle Noel is joining the show in a recurring role to portray FBI agent Samanda Watson. The character will take it upon herself to investigate Oliver Queen's connection to the Green Arrow. Producers have described her as "intelligent and poised with a no nonsense attitude" and claim that she won't rest until she uncovers the Green Arrow's secrets.
  • Why She's Perfect: Given that Noel has portrayed roles in action film Captive and Netflix's wrestling series GLOW, I think it's safe to say that she's the perfect canddiate to bring a relentless agent to life.

Joe Dinicol — Rory Regan/Ragman

Rory was a popular addition last season. [Credit: The CW]
Rory was a popular addition last season. [Credit: The CW]
  • Past Projects: The L.A. Complex, Grey's Anatomy, Arrow (Season 5), Saving Hope.
  • What We Know: While we don't know much about his return yet, we do know that Rory will be back for at least one episode (Episode 5).
  • Why He's Perfect: Ragman was arguably the most beloved of the new recruits, which made it all the harder to say goodbye to him when he left. Dinicol did a great job bringing the incredibly likable character to life, and I hope we see much more of him in Season 6.

Despite having an already full cast, it appears that there will be plenty of new and familiar faces showing up in Star City next season. After the shocking Season 5 finale, we have to wonder if the new series regulars will be replacing anybody who may not make it out of last season.

While Season 5 certainly got Arrow back on track, the return of veterans Katie Cassidy and Manu Bennett will undoubtedly take the show to a new level. And now that we have so many other major additions as well, the best of the Emerald Archer may be yet to come.

Which new Arrow cast member are you most excited to see in Season 6? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: Deadline, Variety; HT: Comic Book Resources)


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