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After Season 4 received negative reviews, Arrow bounced back with its incredibly strong fifth season. With a well-written arc, a terrifying Big Bad and the debut of Black Siren, Season 5 proved to be one of the show's strongest outings yet. But the jaw-dropping season finale left us with countless questions regarding the show's future, and the fate of our favorite characters.

Lian Yu exploded with virtually all of Team Arrow on it, and we were left wondering who would make it out alive. After releasing little new footage over the summer (to keep everyone's fates secret), The CW has finally released a brand new trailer for Season 6 of Arrow. Check it out below:

Much like Arrow's San Diego Comic-Con sneak peek, this new trailer has done a great job of keeping everyone's fates secret. We already knew that Arrow veteran Katie Cassidy was returning full-time as the villainous Black Siren and that Juliana Harkavy's Dinah Drake was promoted to a series regular too; thus, their appearances here shouldn't come as a surprise.

But characters like Diggle, Thea, Felicity, Curtis and Renee are all absent from the trailer, once again raising questions about whether they made it off Lian Yu or not.

Oliver Struggles With Dual Responsibilities

We had already established that vigilante-turned-mayor Oliver Queen would be looking after his son William in the season premiere. The boy is one of the few who we know made if off Lian Yu — but his presence in Oliver's apartment suggests that his mother, Samantha, didn't.

This new trailer suggests that Oliver will struggle to be both a father to William and to be the Green Arrow (and let's not forget about his mayoral duties either). We once again see Oliver having to justify his reasoning behind leading a double life. But William isn't too impressed, reminding Oliver that "there are a million psychopaths trying to kill" him.

It appears that Oliver will turn to his former friend-turned-enemy-turned-ally Slade Wilson/Deathstroke for some advice. On that note, the fact that Deathstroke is giving Oliver parenting advice also suggests that he finds his own son. Remember, in exchange for his help against Prometheus, Oliver offered Slade intel on his son. So, perhaps he managed to track his boy down. But is he doing a better job of living this dual life than Oliver?

Black Siren Lays Waste To Star City

Arrow has been very sparing in the new trailer when it comes to other characters (in an attempt to keep the plot under wraps), but since we already know Black Siren survived the explosion, they've been rather good to fans by providing us with plenty of new material that features her.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as the saying goes, and Black Siren is living proof of that. While we have yet to fully uncover what happened to her on Earth-2, it seems like she's going to lay waste to Earth-1's Star City well, because she can. Carrying on from the new Season 6 premiere photos, we get to see new footage of her invading the Arrow-cave/Bunker with her own henchmen.

Invasion of privacy: Black Siren enters Team Arrow's HQ. [Credit: The CW]
Invasion of privacy: Black Siren enters Team Arrow's HQ. [Credit: The CW]

As the trailer also shows a shot of the Bunker's door getting blown off (not to mention the fact that Black Siren's henchmen have guns), we know that she's there with the intention of destroying it. Perhaps she's sending Team Arrow a message, or maybe she really does want revenge.

On the revenge note, she is also seen destroying the Star City Police Department's headquarters. While she may just be freeing a potential henchman from captivity (he's watching her in the shot), this act may be a lot deeper than that. And the reason for that is because the former captain of the SCPD was Quentin Lance — Earth-1 Laurel's father, and presumably the doppelganger of Black Siren's father. Is Black Siren taking out her Earth-2 related aggression by destroying all the locations that Earth-1 Laurel held dear?

Moreover, the trailer also contains multiple shots of a black van (which is presumably operated by the henchmen) raising hell throughout Star City, before Siren engages in another battle with new Black Canary Dinah Drake on a bridge.

Who Is The Threat That's Coming?

As Oliver discusses the dangers of Star City, he speaks about current threats and "the threats that are coming." In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it-moment, we catch a glimpse of a man stepping out of a helicopter as Oliver's voiceover plays. The merging of the footage with this line of dialogue may be alluding to the fact that this unknown character is the show's new Big Bad.

The showrunners have been very quiet when discussing the Season 6 Big Bad, and while we know that Helix, Black Siren and a version of Richard Dragon will be running wild in Star City this season, we don't actually know who (if any of these) will be the main threat.

Who is the mysterious figure getting off the helicopter. [Credit: The CW]
Who is the mysterious figure getting off the helicopter. [Credit: The CW]

While the Arrow Season 6 trailer definitely maintains a lot of secrecy in regards to certain characters' fates, it does suggest that Season 6 is going to be an overwhelmingly emotional journey for Oliver. With his son William now in his care, he'll be forced to juggle his life as mayor by day and Green Arrow by night along with his fatherly duties. Moreover, his city is under attack from someone who has a face identical to his lost love Laurel Lance, and there is a new threat on the way.

After turning things around in Season 5, it looks like Arrow is set to pull off yet another great season when it returns in October.

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