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The fifth season of may have drawn its final bow, but it appears preparations for the show's sixth season have already begun. While it is indeed common practice for a major show to have an annual photo shoot to prepare for the next season, this is the first time in quite a few years that Arrow's will focus on the whole cast.

Echo Kellum — who portrays Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific on the show — took to Twitter to give us a sneak peek of the shoot. But in doing so, he may have just revealed a number of interesting possibilities about Season 6.

The photo features him dressed in his Mr. Terrific outfit, posing alongside the returning Katie Cassidy in her Black Siren gear. This not only confirms that Cassidy's return as a series regular will have her featured more prominently than in Season 5, but it raises a number of intriguing suggestions about her role in Season 6. Note: Spoilers for Arrow Season 5 follow.

Both Curtis & Black Siren Survived Lian Yu

After the shocking Season 5 finale, we were all left with so many questions — mainly surrounding the fates of our favorite Arrow characters. After Prometheus detonated the bombs, Lian Yu exploded before Oliver Queen's eyes. All the Green Arrow could do was watch as Team Arrow, Black Siren, Talia Al Guhl and Evelyn Sharp were killed by the explosions.

While we knew that Black Siren was indeed safe — due to the previous announcement that Cassidy was returning full-time to the show next season — we weren't so sure if the other characters would make it. But Kellum's image not only (presumably) confirms that Curtis makes it off the island alive and well, but that he will also be returning next season as a series regular.

As Mr. Terrific, Curtis really came into his own in Season 5 and it will be exciting to see where the character is taken in Season 6. But which other cast members will be joining the returning Kellum and Cassidy?

Could We See Mr. Terrific And Black Siren Team Up?

Kellum's tweet certainly has interesting implications when it comes to both Black Siren and Mr. Terrific. While it isn't unusual for cast members to share images of themselves and their co-stars at promotional events — like photo shoots — this isn't a random selfie. From the fact that both actors are fully costumed to the grey background they're standing against, it's clear that this pic has been snapped while they were posing for the photo shoot. And this leaves us with the question: why are Black Siren and Mr. Terrific sharing a shot?

Mr. Terrific disables Black Siren's Canary Cry. [Credit: The CW]
Mr. Terrific disables Black Siren's Canary Cry. [Credit: The CW]

While both actors are indeed series regulars, they're a pretty odd pairing to put together in a shoot, especially as they have barely interacted. Surely, Mr. Terrific would work better teamed up with fellow regulars Dinah and Wild Dog, while Black Siren would fit better with Oliver, Thea or Quentin. Thus, it's possible that the two may be interacting a lot more in the upcoming season.

It's worth noting that Kellum posted the image with the hashtag "." With that in mind, it's possible that he could be alluding to a team-up between the two. The fact that they are practically polar opposites could indeed make for a pretty interesting dynamic. Moreover, we have to wonder if Terrific would dare to go rogue and help Black Siren, or if this could indeed allude to that long-awaited redemption arc for the Earth-2 Laurel Lance?

Is This The Start Of Black Siren's Redemption?

Ever since we were introduced to Black Siren, she has been serving Big Bads — from Zoom on The Flash to Prometheus on Arrow. While she was incredibly badass, we didn't know much about her backstory until recently. Her recent interactions with Quentin Lance revealed that she shares the same father as her Earth-1 doppelgänger and planted seeds of that highly-anticipated redemption arc that fans have been waiting for.

Curtis Holt may be known for his Felicity-like geekiness and hilarious film references, but he's also renowned for his big heart. The fact that he has been paired with Black Siren in the photo shoot suggests that he will play a part in her redemption and is perhaps responsible for bringing the Earth-2 villain into Team Arrow — allowing her to become the hero that fans know she can be.

As we eagerly await Arrow's sixth season, it's good to have confirmation that not only Black Siren but Mr. Terrific will be returning to our screens in October. While it's great to see that the whole cast will be taking part in the photo shoot for the first time since Season 3, the pairing of Black Siren and Curtis is definitely an intriguing one. And it leaves us wondering is the two characters are destined to play a major role in each other's lives in Season 6.

Do you think Black Siren and Mr. Terrific will be teaming up in Arrow Season 6? Let us know in the comments below!


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