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Arrow's Season 5 finale was undoubtedly one of the biggest episodes that the show has ever done. With returning fan favorites, unforgettable showdowns and the culmination of the Oliver/Prometheus saga, the showrunners ensured that they produced a worthy conclusion to the show's epic season. But the closing moments left us all in shock. When Lian Yu exploded before the Green Arrow's eyes, all he could do was watch as his team presumably went up in smoke.

And thus, we all had to endure a summer of uncertainty, not knowing which of our favorite survived, and which ones did not.

However, all questions were finally answered when Arrow returned for its epic Season 6 premiere. The episode, appropriately titled "Fallout," gave us the answers we were looking for, all while giving us an insight into what we should expect to see this season. But it also left us with a number of intriguing questions of its own.

Let's take a look at all the major questions from "Fallout," and see if we can figure out where the show will go next.

Note: Heavy spoilers for Arrow Season 6's premiere will follow.

1. Will Thea Pull Through?

After the Lian Yu explosion, Thea is in a coma. [Credit: The CW]
After the Lian Yu explosion, Thea is in a coma. [Credit: The CW]

It didn't take long for the premiere episode to reveal the fallout of the Lian Yu explosions. In doing so, it revealed the fates of each character who was on the island. While the likes of Felicity, Diggle, Rene, Dinah and Deathstroke made it out alive, Samantha and Thea weren't so lucky. The mother of Oliver's son passed away in his arms, and it initially looked like Thea suffered the same fate.

However, in the final act, it was revealed that Thea did survive, but was in a coma. As the Mayor of Star City paid his little sister a visit, he remarked that her condition hadn't changed in five months. So, we have to wonder: Will she pull through?

Thea is undoubtedly a fan favorite character, and one of the most well-developed. While she has definitely been under-utilized in recent seasons, it would be wrong to suddenly kill her off. Furthermore, as her biological father (the illusive/notorious Dark Archer, Malcolm Merlyn) sacrificed himself to save her, it's unlikely that she'll die. Let's hope that she makes it through. Team Arrow needs you, Thea!

2. Who Revived Black Siren?

Black Siren is revived by a mysterious assailant. [Credit: The CW]
Black Siren is revived by a mysterious assailant. [Credit: The CW]

When we first caught a glimpse of Quentin Lance in the season premiere, he was once again in the brink of depression as he mourned the death of his beloved daughter, Laurel. However, when Dinah brought up her name, he simply responded, "Which Laurel?"

We soon found out that his guilt stemmed from the fact that he actually killed Black Siren (Earth-2 Laurel) on Lian Yu in order to save Dinah's life. And upon seeing the footage itself, it's safe to say that she certainly looked dead.

However, fast forward five months, and Siren is raising hell in Star City — alive and well. And the episode's closing moments revealed that she was actually revived by a mysterious figure who landed on Lian Yu in a helicopter. While the identity of the individual remains a secret, it's possible that this could be Michael Emerson's mystery character.

It will be interesting to see how this moves forward. Since Black Siren is from Earth-2, how could this unknown assailant have even known of her existence? They're likely the reason why she has so many henchmen and resources, but the question is: what do they need her for?

Whoever the mysterious character is, Arrow owes them a debt of gratitude for reviving Black Siren. Losing one Laurel was bad enough, there would have been no coming back from killing off another. And on that note, Katie Cassidy was outstanding in this episode, and I can't wait to see what she brings to the show, now that she's back for good.

3. Can Quentin Get Through To Black Siren?

Black Siren knows exactly how to play Quentin. [Credit: The CW]
Black Siren knows exactly how to play Quentin. [Credit: The CW]

Quentin did indeed spend the entire episode racked with guilt over what he did to Black Siren. Believing that her sudden resurfacing was an attempt to get revenge, he purposely put himself in harm's way in order to confront her. But when he eventually figured out that this wasn't her plan, he was finally able to face her.

In the alleyway behind the Bunker, Lance attempted to confront Siren. But it didn't take long for her to make him feel even more guilty about what he had done, as she remarked that she would have done the same thing if the roles had been reversed.

With Quentin still grieving over the loss of his Laurel, it will certainly be interesting to see how the dynamic between him and Black Siren develops. While she seemed pretty unmoved by him in the premiere, we shouldn't forget that she made sure Prometheus wouldn't harm him in Season 5. So we'll probably be seeing a lot more emotionally charged conversations between these two. But can Quentin get through to her?

4. Can Oliver Convince People That He's Not The Green Arrow?

The Green Arrow's secret identity is now public knowledge. [Credit: The CW]
The Green Arrow's secret identity is now public knowledge. [Credit: The CW]

The episode's most shocking moment came in the final scene, in which Oliver Queen watched the most surreal news report he had ever seen. On the screen, there was an image of him wearing the Green Arrow outfit, unmasked. Simply put, Star City now knows that Mayor Queen is the Green Arrow.

Over the years, Oliver has managed to fight his way out of the most tricky situations, but he has never faced an issue quite like this one. With all of Star City associating him with the vigilante, he will now be a target. And since he's now trying to be a father to William, this development couldn't have come at a worse time.

While it's likely that Oliver will try to deny his own identity, it's going to be pretty hard w the photographic evidence that is staring everyone right in the face.

After a long summer, Arrow has finally returned to our screens. The incredible Season 6 premiere finally revealed the fates of all our favorite heroes (and villains) and began laying the groundwork for some of this season's Big Bads. However, while it was busying answering the questions from last season, it also made time to puzzle us with some questions of its own.

With the fates of some beloved characters hanging in the balance, the return of Black Siren and now his identity revealed to the whole world, it looks like Season 6 is going to be one hell of a year for Oliver Queen.

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