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Every season, Oliver Queen and Team Arrow have a villain or a band of villains to contend with, and Season 6 won't be any different. But recently, Black Panther actress Sydelle Noel was cast in a recurring role as FBI agent Samantha Watson, and she could possibly do more damage than any enemy before as she'll be investigating Oliver Queen and his connection to the Green Arrow.

Season 5 ended with still on Star City Police Department's radar. So the appearance of an FBI agent who has more resources at her disposal than the police is going to cause more than a little tension as Oliver tries to navigate his life as father, mayor, and superhero. And according to Executive Producer Wendy Mericle, this was exactly what they've been setting up all along:

“The fact that we’ve put the Green Arrow under the microscope to such an extent, we are definitely setting some stuff up for season 6. We will definitely see the Green Arrow again, but in what capacity? That’s a really good question. That’s a premiere question.”

Being called “intelligent and poised with a no-nonsense attitude” by producers, Agent Watson's sole task is to connect the dots between Mayor Queen and his alter-ego, but that doesn't necessarily mean she will become an adversary. Plenty of people now know who Oliver is, and they've aligned themselves with him.

It'll be interesting to see if this agent will remain loyal to her assignment once she discovers the truth about or if she'll see the truth behind his mission much like Quentin Lance did. Either way, it looks like Oliver Queen is in for a bumpy ride this season with three villains and an FBI agent on his heels.

Do you think Oliver should be worried about Agent Watson?

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