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As one of DC's most iconic characters, Green Arrow has a list of visual trademarks that are unmistakably his. A bow and arrow, of course. A green suit. A badass goatee. While Stephen Amell did sport Oliver Queen's iconic comic book goatee in an episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, it has failed it make its way on to Arrow yet. But could we finally see Stephen Amell with the iconic goatee in Season 6 of Arrow? A recent tweet from Stephen Amell has lead the fans to believe just that.

took to Twitter to share a picture of himself. It's pretty obvious from the picture that he's pointing out one new feature in particular:

The image came with the intriguing caption, "Season 6 training," and fans' minds immediately began racing, trying to decipher what this could possibly mean. After all, he's not working out or practicing archery in this picture. It would certainly seem that the "training" refers to his new face scruff.

Undoubtedly, fans would love to see Amell sporting a comic book-faithful goatee. However, there's another explanation for Amell's new facial hair. Earlier this year, the day after Arrow was renewed for its sixth season, Amell tweeted a screenshot of a tweet from 2015 where he said that if Arrow gets a sixth season, he would show up on the first day looking like the classic comic book version of Green Arrow, sporting a goatee.

Amell will probably shave the goatee off once Season 6 starts filming. Two years back, Stephen made it pretty clear on Twitter that even if the show goes on for 14 seasons, the goatee would never appear on Arrow.

He also went on to say that he once grew a goatee, but ended up looking like someone with a criminal record.

Unless Stephen Amell's had a change of heart in the last two years, don't expect to see the goatee on Arrow. The good news, however, is that we don't have to wait till Season 6 to premiere in October to find out whether the goatee stays or goes. We just have to keep tabs on Stephen Amell's social media after Arrow Season 6 starts filming in July to see whether he has shaved off the goatee or not.

Would you like to see the iconic Green Arrow goatee make its way onto Arrow? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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