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For the past five seasons, Oliver Queen has taken down countless evildoers, but usually each season has a main villain for him to contend with: Malcolm Merlyn in Season 1, Slade Wilson in Season 2, Ra's Al Ghul in Season 3, Damien Darhk in Season 4, and Prometheus in Season 5.

Sure, each of these antagonists have their lieutenants and henchmen, but the final fight always comes down to Oliver and the villain. Season 6 looks to be changing things up.

A Triple Threat

Though Richard Dragon has been announced as the main villain, Anatoly Knyazev (David Nykl) is also returning with an ax to grind. And then there's Michael Emerson who, presumably, will play the brainiac leader of Helix, although nothing has been confirmed. And each villain brings something much different to the table, a little something extra to taunt and torment all of Team Arrow.

Richard Dragon is a gritty crime lord similar to Tobias Church but, executive producer Marc Guggenheim insists to that the show has never done this type of villain before:

"You know, what I really like about our interpretation of Richard is, he’s very grounded. He’s not a flamboyant big bad, he doesn’t wear a costume, he really is a crimelord sort of in the Tobias Church model. For Tobias we only really saw him for about five episodes, so we were excited about th prospect of doing a cool, gritty crime lord, but for a longer period of time. We’ve never really done that on the show before, so it’s different."

Though Michael Emerson's role hasn't been officially announced, Guggeheim did say that he and Emerson had talked about the type of character the well-known actor will portray.

"We are talking about him playing a character who’s got a lot more nuance than the typical creepy-guy role that he is often cast in. We’ve had a lot of creative discussions with him, and I think that’s one of the things that has excited us and excited Michael: that we really want to create a character in consultation and in conjunction with him. It’s not just ‘here’s the script — go!’ It’s a really interesting, two-way back and forth.”

Executive producer Wendy Mericle had previously confirmed that Helix will be returning to the show. Felicity Smoak played a large part in the release of Cayden James, whose characters seem to be the perfect fit for Michael Emerson. No one can play creepy quite like that guy.

Bleeding Cool confirmed that, during the Comic-Con panel, executive producer Marc Guggenheim said these three — Richard Dragon, Anatoly, and the yet-unnamed role for Michael Emerson — will be working together as a team in Season 6, which is bound to make things extra difficult for Team Arrow.

It sounds like Oliver Queen will have enough work to keep his arrows busy this season. He's facing a final battle that might involve more than one opponent, and a three-against-one climax would definitely up Arrow's game.

What do you think about the villains for season 6?

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