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Arrow's Season 5 was perhaps one of the best seasons for a superhero TV series ever. Not only was it gripping from start to finish, it was also remarkably clever in the way that it tied all of its ongoing arcs with those of its previous seasons together with a neat little bow. While there was no shortage of twists in Season 5, the show still managed to blow our minds with its explosive finale.

By managing to put the lives of all the new and old characters we've grown to love into jeopardy, the show ensured that we'd tune in to see the Season 6 premiere when it returns in fall. To keep us afloat, Arrow released a jam-packed Season 6 trailer during this year's Comic-Con. Though the show has remained mum about many details, it may have unwillingly revealed the fate of one character.

So far, we know that Oliver Queen, Black Siren, Deathstroke and Black Canary are safe. We've also seemingly uncovered the fate of several other Arrow characters snooping around. However, the one character who we know will die for sure (even though the Arrow EPs haven't confirmed it yet) is Samantha Clayton.

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

A Brief History Of Ollie's Baby Mama

Samantha is Oliver's baby mama, and one of the several women Oliver cheated on Laurel with back when he was still a reckless billionaire playboy. Oliver informed his mother of her pregnancy, who gave Samantha a check for a million dollars and told her to leave with the kid, telling Oliver that she'd had a miscarriage. When Oliver did finally learn the truth he wanted to get to know his kid.

However, Oliver soon realized that he was putting his son's life in harm's way, so he had Samantha and William moved to an undisclosed location. Prometheus nonetheless managed to track them down, and although Prometheus brought Oliver's son on a boat to blackmail him, Samantha was left on the island when it exploded.

Why Samantha Is Definitely Dead

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Samantha's death makes sense for a number of reasons. Oliver being left to look after his son while he is mayor and the Green Arrow poses its own sets of problems, something that the Arrow writers will no doubt have fun exploring. who have their own kids is something The CW, nor any other Marvel or DC series has explored, and by writing Samantha off, Arrow can open exciting avenues for itself.

Another point that strongly suggests her demise is that she was not in the Arrow Season 6 trailer. We know that Oliver wouldn't keep his son close to him (while he's still the ) without a very good reason, and Samantha's death seems like the only viable reason as to why his son would be spending so much time with him.

This also falls in line with what we know about Samantha Clayton's character. We know that she's a strong-willed mother (as she has proved in her appearances on Arrow), especially as she didn't want to leave the island without her son. If she weren't dead, she wouldn't want to risk her son's safety by leaving him with a man who's always got a target on his back. The fact that William is shown to be either with Oliver or alone suggests that Samantha has most likely been killed off.

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Then there are the showrunners' and actors' comments regarding Oliver's predicament in Season 6. David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle, has stated that Oliver will be receiving a lot of advice from him about parenting when Season 6 rolls around. EP Wendy Mericle stated that Oliver would be more paternal this season. Finally, EP Marc Guggenheim stated that Ollie will be giving a lot of advice to different people, which fits with the "Oliver becomes a dad" theory.

Even Stephen Ammell has stated that Oliver's relationship with his son will be properly explored when Season 6 rolls around. There's also the fact that, unlike the comics, we haven't seen Arrow explore the father-son dynamic that Oliver had with his adopted son and protégée Roy Harper (a.k.a. Arsenal), and introducing William could be a way to set that in motion.

Executive Producer Wendy Mericle's recent statement to CBR about Arrow Season 6's theme only further compliments my theory about Samantha's death:

“[Season 6’s] theme is family. The last thing we saw was Oliver reunited with his son under pretty tragic circumstances. For us, going forward, thinking about ‘what is the challenge we haven’t seen a superhero go through on any of these shows’ is them being a parent. I can’t tell you exactly how that’s going to shake out but I can tell you he’s going to learn about being a father.”

All this seems to suggest that Oliver won't just be a mayor/superhero, he'll also be a single dad in Arrow Season 6. Although Samantha as a character wasn't hugely impactful (except to William), her death certainly opens up the question of how Oliver is going to raise his son while being the most despised man (by his enemies at least) in Star City. We'll certainly know more though when Arrow returns to CW October 12.

So, Arrow fans, is it safe to presume that Samantha is definitely out of the picture? What's your take? Comment below!



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