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Whether it's through his role on Teen Wolf as Jackson Whittemore or on Arrow as Roy Arsenal, Colton Haynes is a familiar face on television. The 29-year-old actor began his career as a model, and his good looks have caused many hearts to pump a little faster. As fans, we're always surprised to hear when our favorite celebrities experience the same weak-kneed moments we do which is exactly what happened when Haynes met his fiancé, Jeff Leatham.

In a charming Instagram post wishing Leatham a happy birthday, Haynes described their first meeting and how he was dumbstruck by the handsome man who almost immediately stole his heart.

The pair almost didn't become a couple as they were supposed to meet back in 2013, but Haynes wasn't in a good place at the time, and they both lived in different places. A chance meeting at an airport lounge in the City of Love—Paris—connected Haynes and Leatham, and it was, according to Haynes, "love at first meeting". He describes it thus:

Jeff & I were supposed to meet 4 yrs ago through a set up date from our dear friend @valvogt . I wasn't in a very good place at the time & we lived in different places so we both decided not to meet (but we did do a little bit of internet stalking and I loved what I saw :)...flash to yrs later when we happened to randomly run into eachother at the airport lounge in Paris where Jeff hit me with his bag & said "Hey punk...aren't you Colton?" & after 10 seconds of literal love at first mtg...I responded "Hi Jeff" and couldn't find words to say cause I was dumbstruck.

Even though the first date didn't happen, the pair still credits Valerie Vogt, an event planner who tried to set them up, as being the reason for their happiness. After Vogt shared a picture of the happy couple on her Instagram page, Leatham responded with "Love you baby - your [sic] the reason for all of this !!!"

Haynes has come a long way to find his true happiness after being told he wouldn't have a career if he was gay in Hollywood. For a while, the actor was even set up with girls so people would believe he was heterosexual.

"I've been told by so many people that you cannot be out and have a career. Literally people would set me up with girls for press. There was this whole story that ran with Lauren Conrad, who I love—she's the best. Basically my old manager at the time was like, 'Oh, take a picture with her.' He just basically ran this story trying to say that I was dating Lauren Conrad. It was there for about six months. I was like, 'Oh, great, I have to do this.' That's how it is in Hollywood. But not anymore. You have all these amazing show runners who actually embrace people's personal lives and embrace people's truth. I think that's really pivotal...I did that for seven or eight years. I was told by my first manager, like 10 years ago, 'You will never work in this town if people know.'"

The actor, who recently reprised his role as Jackson Whittemore for the finale season of and will be returning to for Season 6, has proven the naysayers wrong, finding both love and a constant stream of steady employment. Haynes is currently playing Detective Samuels on . As Haynes shared here, it certainly looks like he's found his happy place.

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