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Colton Haynes played Roy Harper/Arsenal on Arrow, and was pivotal in the fight to take down the villainous Deathstroke in the show’s second season. After becoming a fixture on Arrow, Haynes chose to step away from acting for a while to take care of his mental health, and since then, he has been an outspoken role model for mental hygiene and self-acceptance.

Ryan Murphy recently announced that would be joining the cast of American Horror Story Season 7 in an unknown role, by posting an Instagram picture of Haynes with bleached hair and red paint smeared over his mouth. Upon seeing this picture, the fantastic Bosslogic decided to use Haynes’s Instagram post as a template to turn the actor into one of the greatest comic book villains of all time: the Joker.

Bosslogic Imagines Colton Haynes As The Joker

For those of us who didn’t see the original Instagram post from Colton Haynes, this artwork seems odd, because there seems to be no precedent for the actor who played Roy Harper to be envisioned as the Joker. To clarify things, we contacted Bosslogic directly and asked him where the inspiration to transform Haynes into the Joker came from, and his response gave us a glimpse into his creative process:

"Well, when I saw [Colton Haynes's Instagram post], it reminded me of a younger version of Heath Ledger with the smeared blood on the face. So, I just had some fun extending the image.”

Bosslogic has made a name for himself by providing the nerd community with some of the best concept art on the internet, routinely transforming actors into superheroes. This time, however, but this time, Bosslogic explored the realm of comic book villains instead, using Colton Haynes's Instagram post, to show fans what the star would look like as .

The artwork looks amazing, but it’s a bit more R-rated than any version of the Joker we have ever seen in live action. Colton Haynes’s Joker has the signature widened smile made popular by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight; however, Haynes’s wounds are fresher, which makes him even more terrifying. It also looks like Bosslogic took inspiration from another Batman villain. Victor Zsasz was notorious for carving a tally into his skin for each life he takes.

Check out Colton Haynes on Arrow below:

Haynes’s Joker appears to be fresh off from his “one bad day”, and this picture showcases what madness has driven him to do. It’s amazing what Bosslogic did with a few tweaks to the original image, and his inspiration for the piece shows that he has a wonderful combination of imagination and talent. Colton Haynes will probably never portray the Joker, but this picture makes us wish that the actor could return to the and wreak havoc as the Clown Prince of Crime.

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