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Spoilers follow for Arrow Season 5. The most recent episode, "Honor Thy Fathers," depicted the long-awaited capture of Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus. Oliver Queen spent practically the entire season trying to catch Chase, and has finally outsmarted him.

Not only did Oliver beat Adrian Chase at his own game, but Oliver was able to find enough confidence in himself to push aside the memory of Chase torturing him. On top of that, Oliver was able to move past his grief and anger to do the right thing. Most people assumed Oliver would inevitably kill Chase, yet Oliver showed Chase mercy.

What Is Chase Planning From Behind Bars?

The last moments of "Honor Thy Fathers" depicted Chase in his ARGUS cell, watching Oliver's press conference on television. The scene closes out with Chase smirking devilishly — but at what? What could Chase have been so happy about, being locked up in ARGUS? Even a trained criminal like Chase can't get past those security parameters, so what does he have in mind next?

It doesn't seem like Chase is capable of doing anything while he's locked up, but he may have an ace hidden up his sleeve after all. The promo for next week's episode hints at members of Team Arrow going missing. We can hear in the dialogue that Dinah and Curtis are missing, which means Chase probably has some friends on the outside working for him.

In addition, the promo gives a few glimpses of Chase smirking ominously, gloating about how his friends have Dinah and Curtis captive, with orders to kill them. It looks like Chase still has the advantage over Oliver Queen, which may lead to the death of one of Oliver's comrades — or someone even closer to Oliver.

If you recall, Chase was able to find the location of Oliver's son, William. He met with William by posing as a friend of Oliver's. The scene was brief, leaving room for us to speculate on whether or not Chase did something with William. Seeing as how Chase is quite psychotic, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that he took William captive.

Could William Be A Casualty Of Season 5?

William's death would be the motivation needed to push Oliver over the edge. Oliver might forgive a lot of things, but killing his son isn't one of them. If that does happen, Season 5 may conclude with Oliver becoming the coldblooded killer he's been trying to deny.

Nevertheless, Chase seems to have something up his sleeve and it may lead to his release, especially since we can assume he's given Oliver an ultimatum. But I wouldn't put it past him to kill both Dinah and Curtis regardless of Oliver living up to an ultimatum.

What's more interesting is who Chase's friends are. Does he have Talia's League of Shadows recruits on his payroll? Or, did Chase simply recruit some hired thugs off the street? Either way, Team Arrow is going to have more to contend with than just Adrian Chase, as it appears he's still one step ahead of them.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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