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This post contains spoilers for Season 5 of Arrow.

Season 5 of introduced us to one of the worst villains that the Green Arrow has faced. Not only was this enemy as skilled as Oliver; he has always managed to stay one step ahead of him. As devious as Slade Wilson was in Season 2, he didn't have the cunning of the monster targeting Oliver and his team this season.

Speculations were rampant for who it could be, beginning with Tommy Merlin having returned from the dead to seek his revenge against the man he used to call his best friend. But tonight's episode of Arrow laid that theory to rest when it revealed the Green Arrow's ultimate foe was none other than District Attorney Adrian Chase.

This reveal has stunned fans. , in comic book lore, is actually Vigilante, the killer taking justice into his own hands. Executive Producer Wendy Mericle said that was precisely the reason they'd chosen to use Adrian Chase as Prometheus; they wanted to "take the comic book mythology and turn it on its head."

During a conference with reporters, Mericle shared a little more of the plan behind Chase's identity as the son of a man killed by the Hood in Season 1:

"We wanted to build a villain that's a dark mirror for Oliver, and honoring Oliver's past on the show, especially the first season. Seeing what it was like going through the loss. They've both suffered losses and they've both answered those losses in very different ways."

The preview for the March 15th episode of Arrow shows Talia Al Ghul revealing Prometheus' identity to Oliver, but will it actually take place that episode? Considering what Wendy Mericle told Variety, probably not:

“One of the fun things that we’ve done is to allow us to live with that reveal for awhile, and to see the characters not knowing and still continuing to interact with Adrian Chase at City Hall and elsewhere."

Regardless, once Oliver does discover Prometheus' true identity, the mind games will, undoubtedly, be of epic proportions. The producers have done a great job twisting our minds around this season, and it's going to be interesting to see how the Prometheus storyline plays out over the remaining episodes until the spring finale.

Were you surprised with the identity of Prometheus? Why or why not?


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