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*Spoiler Alert* Prometheus was revealed in Arrow Season 5 Episode 15: Fire With Fire.

He was revealed to not be Kovar, but instead, Adrian Chase – whom a lot of people (myself included) assumed was Vigilante. I think that this theory may still be interesting to some people, so I will leave this article up. I wish that Kovar would somehow still be involved in the present situation – who knows, maybe he is.

Since way back in October, I have been saying that Prometheus is Kovar. Despite there being strong evidence for this theory, there has been very little discussion in the rumor mill about this. To me, Kovar is clearly the most logical choice to be Prometheus. Allow me to explain why.

They Casted Dolph Lundgren As Kovar

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

For those of you who don't know, Dolph Lundgren is the actor that played Drago in Rocky IV. He has also had roles in action-intensive movies such as The Expendables series. He has done very few recurring roles in television, so it's hard to imagine him taking up a minor role in a TV series. He would likely have to be someone big, like a Big Bad. To the best of my knowledge, Lundgren is the most high-profile actor to make an appearance on Arrow.

Prometheus also looks like he is played by someone very big. Despite being in a costume, which can make it difficult to tell, Prometheus clearly looks much bigger than Malcolm Merlyn did as the Dark Archer or any other member of the League of Assassins did in uniform. Lundgren is 6'5", and he is very ripped. If they decided to have him play Prometheus, then they would have to have big stunt double to play Prometheus. It looks like they did that.


The big theme of Oliver's flashbacks this season is Russia. In previous seasons, the flashbacks directly connect to the present situation that the Green Arrow is facing. Season 1 was the list, Season 2 was the Mirakuru, Season 3 was the Alpha Omega virus, and Season 4 was the Khushu Idol. It would only seem logical that Prometheus has some connection to Russia.

And it turns out that he does.

In the above fight scene, we see Prometheus use a move on Oliver that Oliver was taught by a woman in Russia. That woman was likely Talia al Ghul. It's possible that Talia taught Kovar that move (and a bunch of other moves) to help him get revenge on Oliver. If you'll remember back in Season 3, Oliver killed her father, Ra's al Ghul, so she might be a little angry about that. In fact, she might have spent all of her time in Season 4 training Kovar to take down Oliver Queen. She could even become the Big Bad for Season 6 (I doubt that she would actually step in as the Big Bad in Season 5).

Look at the swords behind Kovar 'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
Look at the swords behind Kovar 'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

When we were introduced to Konstantin Kovar, we quickly learned that he was a great fighter. As seen in the video below, he easily beat Oliver Queen down (at this point in Oliver's flashbacks, he's taken down a lot of very tough people). We also see a bunch of swords in Kovar's home, making it apparent that he has an interest in martial arts.

It is also possible that Talia trained him a little before his downfall to Oliver Queen. Maybe he knew how to use that flip move all along. Or, perhaps, he revisited his downfall and taught himself key moves that were used against him.

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Clayborne Had A Daughter, Evelyn, Not A Son

Evelyn Sharp Might Be Clayborne's "son"'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
Evelyn Sharp Might Be Clayborne's "son"'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Assuming that Prometheus is Kovar, then the Justin Clayborne storyline that we've been following gets all messed up. It seems unlikely that they would mention him so often if he wasn't important. Still, Justin Clayborne's son seems too much of a random person be Prometheus.

Instead, let me offer you a much more complex theory: Justine Clayborne didn't have a son in 1986, he had a daughter much later — Evelyn Sharp. This would be a great explanation for why Prometheus was able to turn her against the team so easily. Oliver killed her father and she's been planning to get revenge on him this whole time. The other explanation she gave for joining Prometheus never made much sense, and there definitely seems to be something missing there. Her saying that H.I.V.E. killed her parents (a storyline that always felt incomplete) was likely a sham intended to allow her to gain access to the team.

Clayborne's baby - could be female 'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
Clayborne's baby - could be female 'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

From my understanding, Evelyn Sharp is a somewhat original character. In the TV show, Young Justice, there was a heroine named Artemis Crock. Inspiration forSharp likely came from Crock and also allegedly from Evelyn Crawford, though she seems nothing like her. Sharp really is more of an original character, there is a strong possibility that she is Clayborne's daughter.

Assuming this is true, the mother might be in on it as well.

I know it sounds incredibly far-fetched, but it would make for a great storyline. I am very convinced that Prometheus is Kovar, and assuming that is true, there must be a purpose behind mentioning Justin Clayborne. Evelyn Sharp's backstory and motivation for joining Prometheus is fuzzy, and Justin Clayborne's son is also fuzzy (he has erased his identity on the internet and we don't have a name — maybe that's because he actually doesn't exist).

I mean just think about it: Evelyn claims that her family was murdered by H.I.V.E. How could she possibly think that Oliver is not a hero and that the city needed to be saved from him if he was the one that took down the organization that allegedly killed her family? There must be something else motivating her.

Perhaps Kovar discovered her situation and groomed her to be a double agent on the team. He wanted Oliver to grow close to the daughter of one of his victims in order to create a psychological weapon against him.

That's just a theory. Assuming that Clayborne's child isn't Prometheus or Evelyn, it's also possible that Kovar had a connection to Justin Clayborne. We know that the Brotva exists in Star City, and that Kovar was a rival of the Brotva, so it would be logical for him to be competing against the Brotva in Star City.

Personally, I think Evelyn being Clayborne's child is much more compelling.

Prometheus Is Physically Sick Because Of Oliver

In almost every fight scene with Prometheus, if you listen very carefully, you can hear his breathing.

Listen to that breathing; there has to be something more to that.

At one point, we learn that Prometheus has a tolerance to Diazepam (by the way, that's a very random thing to shoot him with — clearly that was intentional). Diazepam is medicine that is used to calm people down that suffer from panic attacks or anxiety.

It's possible that Kovar began to suffer from anxiety attacks following his downfall at the hands of Oliver Queen. Seeing himself as a psychological victim of Oliver, he wants to get revenge by making Oliver suffer from guilt and anxiety.

Considering the fact that Season 5 has been all about Oliver's sins of killing people, it's hard to imagine Oliver killing in the end. Prometheus will probably just kill himself due to his anxiety issues, making Oliver suffer from guilt.


Who do you think Prometheus is?


Is Evelyn Sharp Justin Clayborne's daughter?


What role will Talia al Ghul play?

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