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Ever since the expanded beyond Arrow, we have seen the parent show crossover multiple times with its spin-offs , and even . When these monumental events occur, the usually devotes the entire week of each show's episode to it and heavily promotes it as a major spectacle.

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However, Arrow Executive producer Marc Guggenheim took to Twitter to reveal that this week's upcoming installment of the show would feature the "fastest crossover with Flash" they've ever done.

Usually, it takes a rather large event to make one of these revered reach out to the other, as we have seen in the past when they asked each other for help dealing with immortal tyrants and alien invasions. However, this crossover seems rather unexpected —and according to Guggenheim, rather fast too. The picture he tweeted reveals The Flash himself running past Captain Singh — either placing a post-it note on his computer screen or removing it from the screen. And as the Scarlet Speedster is in motion, it's very possible that Grant Gustin didn't film any scenes and the team opted to use the CGI render of the Flash — which we have seen many times on the show during high speed chases.

However, fast or not — this doesn't explain why The Flash even appears in the upcoming episode of Arrow. Let's take a look at some of the possible reasons why he might show up on his parent show this week, and how his presence might affect the show.

The Hunt For The Next Canary

This week's episode of Arrow will revolve around Oliver Queen's quest to find a new Black Canary in order to honor Laurel Lance's memory. As we saw at the ending of the controversial mid-season premiere, a new character named Tina might be one of Team Arrow's primary candidates for the role.

In order to offer Tina the role, the Green Arrow is going to need some information on her and where to track her down. We know that she's located in Hub City, but does Team Arrow? Perhaps the Central City Police Department is more familiar with Tina's vigilante activities, and thus, Oliver might reach out to Barry for help to track her down. If Captain Singh has any information on Tina, it just might be up to the Flash himself to pilfer that Intel right from his own boss' desk.

Furthermore, as the trailer for this week's episode suggests, Oliver is having a tough time choosing the right candidate, but where did he get this list of potential successors? Perhaps Barry borrowed the list from Singh's office. It wouldn't be the first time that the Flash's metahuman abilities have aided Team Arrow, and it certainly won't be the last.

The Flash's superspeed has aided the Green Arrow on many occasions.
The Flash's superspeed has aided the Green Arrow on many occasions.

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Intel On Prometheus

Of all the big bads that Star City has seen, I don't think there has ever been one quite as knowledgeable as Prometheus. The mysterious archer seems to know literally everything that is going on in the entire Arrow-verse — and that includes confidential information about The Flash's headquarters and the Legends' top-secret time traveling missions. Even though it's impossible for him to know all this, it makes him all the more deadly.

Prometheus has been nothing short of deadly since his debut on 'Arrow'. [Credit: The CW]
Prometheus has been nothing short of deadly since his debut on 'Arrow'. [Credit: The CW]

Due to his actions last week — when he invaded S.T.A.R. Labs to free Black Siren — it's a given that Barry and Team Flash would be thrilled to help Oliver and Team Arrow get a much-needed win over Prometheus. It's the hooded menace's mysteriously never-ending knowledge that ensures he is easily able to play mind games with the , so perhaps Oliver turns to Barry for some Intel on the villainous archer and his actions during his time in Central City. Surely that would be something that Captain Singh would have prioritized at his desk — something that a certain Scarlet Speedster could easily snatch. This type of Intel could allow the Green Arrow to play some mind games of his own with his archnemesis.

Continuation Of A Flash Storyline

On the other hand, it's possible that the Flash might turn to the Green Arrow for help. Perhaps Barry needs Team Arrow's help with a foe. He has turned to Felicity on a few occasions in the past and it's likely that she would have no issue tracking down a villainous metahuman.

'Arrow's Felicity has helped Barry out in the past. [Credit: The CW]
'Arrow's Felicity has helped Barry out in the past. [Credit: The CW]

If this is indeed the case, it's likely that we will only hear about Barry's interaction with Team Arrow on The Flash before witnessing it take place the next night on Arrow. This isn't the first time that their run-ins have taken place under these circumstances — we saw the phone call and subsequent rooftop rendezvous take place across both the series premiere of The Flash and the Season 3 premiere of Arrow back in 2014. Thus, this format may be utilized again to catch Arrow viewers up on what happened on the previous night's installment of The Flash.

What is the purpose of The Flash's cameo on 'Arrow' this week? [Credit: The CW]
What is the purpose of The Flash's cameo on 'Arrow' this week? [Credit: The CW]

Now that we know we will see a brief but welcome cameo from the Flash on Arrow this week, it will be interesting to see what kind of role Barry will play and how it will relate to both shows' main storylines. Whether he's there to help Oliver with Prometheus, or he is the one who needs assistance, the Scarlet Speedster will be a welcome addition to the show once again.

After already seeing the CW's four superhero shows come together in the "Invasion!" crossover, and knowing that two of those shows will collide again in the upcoming Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover, Guggenheim's revelation is definitely an intriguing one. Barry Allen certainly gets around, but the question is — why has he come to Arrow?

Why do you think The Flash makes a cameo on this week's installment of Arrow? Let us know in the comments!