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It's no secret that Stephen Amell genuinely loves his fans. If his hectic schedule filming Arrow ever allows for it, he never misses an opportunity to connect with his adoring public at conventions. True to form, The CW's Green Arrow visited London over the weekend to be a part of Heroes & Villains Fan Fest. On the final day of , he did something extraordinary to prove yet again that he is always willing to go above and beyond for his devotees.

The official Twitter of Heroes & Villains Fan Fest posted a beautiful, fleeting moment between and one of his fans, in which Amell reached forward and gave her hug after signing one of his photos, telling her:

"You have a nice day, OK?"

Reaching out to his fans is something Amell has never shied away from. That being said, what's so extraordinary about him engaging in such a way? The fact that he stayed behind at the convention, even after the show floor had closed, and continued signing autographs, making sure no one left empty-handed.

Indeed, on a trip to Ireland a few weeks back, Amell saw a couple of girls wearing hoodies with his face emblazoned across them. He ran up to the girls and took photos with them. There aren't too many Hollywood stars who would do that.

The star's Facebook page is his biggest tool in bridging the gap between himself and his fanbase, with his regular and Fan Art Fridays allowing aficionados to bring their handiwork to his attention. And he also likes to occasionally answer questions with Q&A videos.

Amell has managed to not only be a hero on television, but also a real-life hero to his army of admirers. In spite of his schedule, Oliver Queen has always got time for us little people, and that's what makes him so special.

Arrow Season 6 kicks off in October on The CW. What's your favorite thing Stephen Amell has done for his fans? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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