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With the addition of 's Kryptonian might, The CW's is stronger than ever, winning fans quicker than Barry's Allen lightning flash of a smile. Fortunately though, the best is yet to come.

Check out the best Arrowverse crossovers so far in the clip below:

While we don't have access to either the Waverider or 's timeline-meddling powers, what we do have is a brand new interview with Executive Producer Greg Berlanti, who's just revealed some exciting details about the upcoming 5-way crossover that's hitting our screens soon.

Secret Wars

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Here's a few of the most exciting snippets from Berlanti's interview with EW, including;

  • The Flash and Cisco will tear a hole in the fabric of space-time — No surprise there.
  • Someone is shot — We assume no one important.
  • The Dominators are threatened by the growing number of meta-humans on Earth — I would be too, they usually turn out to be villainous bastards, by and large.
  • The Dominators possess mind control capabilities — Ah, that's cool... SAY WHAT!?

While EW were hesitant to reveal whether this would lead to some good old-fashioned superhero fisticuffs, everyone knows that vigilantes love nothing more than battling each other when they're not fighting crime. We'd be shocked more than we were at Zoom's reveal if The CW didn't take advantage of this unprecedented crossover and pitted some mind-controlled heroes against each other. It's part of a time-honored comic book tradition, after all.

But Heroes Only Fight Bad Guys, Right?

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

As incredible as this 4-way fight will be, it's worth bearing in mind that this wouldn't be the first time that The CW's heroes have battled it out. Back in Season 1 of The Flash, was forced to fight Barry after a meta-human known as Rainbow Raider manipulated his emotions, turning The Flash into a menace that only Oliver could stop.

Despite possessing no powers of his own and just your standard bow and arrows, Oliver was able to successfully restrain Barry long enough for Team Flash to work their science and revert him back to normal.

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Since then, we've also seen Team Arrow fight to contain both Roy Harper's and Thea Queen's murderous bloodlust, not to mention a newly resurrected Sara Lance. That's before we begin to list the ways in which Team Flash fighting their own evil counterparts, Supergirl turning bad after being exposed to Red Kryptonite AND how DC's Legends of Tomorrow recently clashed with the Justice Society of America.

This probably explains why there's so many bloody villains still lurking in the Arrowverse. The heroes are too busy fighting each other to do much in the way of actual crime-fighting.

Who Will Fight, And Who Will Win?

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Between the Emerald Archer, the Scarlet Speedster, the Maid of Steel and pretty much everyone from Legends of Tomorrow, the 4-way crossover is looking seriously crowded, so what would that look like in an all-out brawl between our favorite heroes?

While the stakes will be inevitably lowered, it looks like there's an obvious winner at first glance, and that of course is Supergirl, who possesses the same abilities as Superman himself. None of the other heroes can match Kara in terms of sheer strength — aside, perhaps, from Martian Manhunter, and it's still not clear whether he's involved in the crossover, as the majority of episodes are set on Earth-1.

The other assumption that fans will probably make is that Green Arrow will be hopelessly out-powered. While there's some justification for that, it's worth bearing in mind that Oliver's skill set was still strong enough to take down The Flash before. We imagine that the writers may offset this imbalance in power by pitting Green Arrow against Sara Lance, a skilled assassin who also just so happens to be his former lover.

Maybe some of these awesome trick arrows could help level the playing field:

See also:

Watching Oliver take down Felicity's ex Roy Palmer, or seeing The Flash and Supergirl switch from flirting to fighting is almost too exciting for this Arrowverse fan boy to take! After all, crossovers are a dime a dozen in the comics, but we've never seen a superhero event of this magnitude attempted before on TV, or even in cinemas for that matter.

Forget Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Hell, forget Captain America: Civil War while you're at it too. By the time this year comes to a close, the DCTV Arrowverse crossover will be the only superhero brawl anyone's talking about in 2016.


Who do you think would win a fight between the CW's heroes?

Source — EW


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