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The Saturn Awards were held on Wednesday, June 28th, and two of The CW's DC shows and actors took home top honors. Supergirl was chosen as the Best Superhero Adaptation while Melissa Benoist won Best Actress in a Television Series, and The Flash's Candice Patton picked up an award for Best Supporting Actress.

Presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, the Saturn Awards regularly take notice of the superhero shows and characters each season, and — with the acting reaching all-time levels of pure gold — it's no surprise that the shows took home wins this year.

Melissa Benoist's win as Best Actress comes on the heels of some of her best acting in Season 2 of . Whether she was panicked over the thought of losing her sister, elated over the return of her father, or devastated at the loss of Mon-El, Benoist brought her A-game this season. With each episode, she grows stronger and more comfortable in the role, becoming the Supergirl she's supposed to be, and fortunately, the writers gave her excellent material to work with. It would be hard to imagine any other actress as Supergirl now that Benoist has really sunk her teeth into the role.

Candice Patton's win as Best Supporting Actress on shouldn't surprise anyone, either. For the first two seasons, Patton hasn't had as much material to work with as she was given this season. And we got the opportunity to see this actress pull out all the stops as a woman in love and facing death. \One of the strongest scenes Patton owned was Iris West's emotional goodbye to Barry that she recorded on what she thought would be the last day of her life. Every West/Allen fan cried and begged the producers and writers to keep her alive. We didn't know Iris's fate at the time, and Patton made us believe this was really a woman walking toward her final destiny.

Candice Patton and Melissa Benoist aren't the only two actors who delivered strong performances this season. , Josh Segarra, Jesse L. Martin, , and Chyler Leigh nailed their roles, and it wouldn't surprise any fan if these actors earned more gold.

With the nominations around the corner, we can hope that deserving DC actors are nominated. Though it's not the awards that keep us tuning in, the actors deserve recognition for their outstanding work. They are the reason we keep coming back for more.

Which Arrowverse actor do you think put on an Emmy-winning performance this season?


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