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After an alien invasion last year, The CW's Arrowverse will be crossing over again this year to do battle with doppelgängers from Earth-X. The Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl will do battle with their counterparts from a universe in which the Nazis won the Second World War. Not only that, they'll also have to deal with Earth-X versions of their villains too.

One of the returning villains is Season 5 big bad Prometheus, though Entertainment Weekly revealed that the man in the mask won't be played by actor Josh Segarra. After Prometheus died by suicide in the final act of Season 5, it seemed that we wouldn't see him again. However, it would appear that this crossover event has allowed the Arrowverse to bring Prometheus, now known as Prometheus-X, back into the fold. As with the original Prometheus, there's no doubt he'd be a worthy adversary for the Arrowverse heroes after putting Oliver Queen through the ringer last season. Plus, teaming up with an evil Flash, Green Arrow and would only make him more dangerous. However, the fact that the original Prometheus is dead leaves the shoes of the villain in need of being filled — so who could Prometheus-X actually be?

Who Will Step Into Prometheus-X's Shoes?

Segarra played an excellent villain throughout the season who was a truly formidable foe for the Green Arrow, so if it's true that he won't be returning it will prove to be a miss. Prometheus was dangerous enough before we knew his identity, but once he was revealed, Segarra began to play him with a kind of twisted joy as he gradually dug away at Oliver Queen's character.

It wouldn't be the first time that an iconic Arrow villain has returned for the crossover. If you'll recall, Deathstroke returned in Arrow's 100th episode but he wasn't played by Manu Bennett. While it could be that Arrow will take the same approach this season and Prometheus-X will appear without ever removing his mask, there's also the possibility that this villain will be the assumed identity of another character altogether.

Before his identity was revealed, there was a great deal of speculation about just who Prometheus was. As we only had a few clues to work with — the biggest being he was a figure from Oliver's past — one of the most common theories was that Roy Harper was the man in the mask. While this was proven false, it could be that the Roy Harper of Earth-X takes up this identity, especially when you consider that Colton Haynes tweeted that he will be returning to Arrow soon.

Oliver Queen's Greatest Foe Could Become Prometheus-X

While many would argue that Manu Bennett's Slade Wilson is Oliver Queen's greatest foe, there's certainly an argument that Adrian Chase would be as well. All the way through Season 5, Chase proclaims that he's ten steps ahead of Oliver and everything he's done is designed to systematically destroy the Green Arrow's mental state. Whereas Deathstroke kills Moira Queen in front of her children, Chase's crusade involves showing Oliver who he truly is, or rather, who Chase believes he is. After torturing him, Chase finally gets Oliver to admit that he enjoyed killing the men he deemed had failed the city. When he returns to his team, Oliver is a broken man.

Thankfully, the team is able to rally around Oliver and encourage him to regroup, showing him that he truly is a hero. However, just as it seems Oliver finally has the upper hand in the season finale, Chase shoots himself in the head and detonates the bombs around Lian Yu, seemingly killing all of Team Arrow. We also know from the Season 6 trailer that Chase has also altered Oliver's son's perspective on the Green Arrow; William now thinks his father is "the bad man".

Whether or not it's Josh Segarra in the mask, it can only be a positive that Prometheus will play a part in this year's crossover. If his Earth-X counterpart is anywhere near as threatening as Adrian Chase was, he'll be a big threat to all of the Arrowverse heroes. Teaming up with an evil Green Arrow, and Supergirl can only make him more dangerous.

Are you excited to see Prometheus in the crossover? Have you got any suggestions for who else might be behind the mask? Let me know in the comments!

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