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When it was announced back in October that fan-favorite Arrowverse power couple, Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer, would be splitting up in the third season of , fans were heartbroken after the Season 2 finale saw Alex asking Maggie to marry her. Despite all signs pointing towards a happy life for the two, actress Floriana Lima (Maggie)'s departure from the series created doubt for their future, and after some domestic squabbles leading up to their potential marriage, the two broke up, their disagreement on whether or not to have kids in the future being the nail in the relationship coffin.

It was a truly powerful and devastating moment when the two called it quits, as their love for each other was still evident, but Alex's desire to be a mother couldn't convince Maggie to change her mind or work with Alex to stay together. Following this heartbreak, Alex reacted as any person would after breaking up from the love of their life, spiraling into sadness and closing herself off from her family and friends.

With some help from Kara and her mother, however, along with their friends at the DEO, Alex finally started to regain some happiness in her life, returning to work to stop extraterrestrial criminals and going out again with her friends. She even returned to helping Kara with her hurt over the loss — and surprising return — of Kara's love, Mon-El.

Alex's Rebound Mode Was Awkwardly Handled

Going into the crossover event, Crisis on Earth-X, there were no hints or signs given that Alex was ready to move forward in her love life and move on from Maggie. That didn't hold the writers back from trying, unfortunately. But it was a flawed attempt.

In the first part of the crossover on Supergirl, the gang was all together and enjoying the company of Barry and Iris leading up to their wedding. At the rehearsal dinner, Alex and Sara Lance bonded and shared some drinks before ending the night getting a room with each other. The next morning, Alex tries to sneak out while Sara sleeps, realizing the awkwardness of their encounter and the fact she was drunk when everything happened.

Arriving hungover to the wedding, Alex and Sara share an awkward hello next to Kara, who connects the dots and asks her sister about it, who then expresses regret about their hooking up. Kara tries to comfort Alex by reminding her there's nothing wrong with a one-night stand, as Alex is now single and deserves some happiness following her heartbreak.

'Supergirl' [Credit: The CW]
'Supergirl' [Credit: The CW]

On this point, Kara is absolutely right, Alex is a single woman following her devastating split, and it's completely normal for anyone whose heart has been broken to seek out comfort from someone, whether a friend or potential partner. While having Alex hook up with someone following the split is a natural character progression, it also points towards the evident signs of struggle with her post-breakup journey. But it was still poorly executed by the writers because it undermined Alex's grief.

Alex's Hookup With Sara Sent Mixed Messages About She Should Handle Her Breakup

The one-night stand is an understandable plot point and, if handled properly, could be signs of positive character development and growth, but the crossover didn't spin it this way. By initially turning it into a humorous moment and showing nothing but regret from Alex following it, the encounter no longer becomes about Alex trying to move on from her sadness and instead becomes about creating a contrived awkwardness between the pair for the sake of the crossover.

These quick hookups have always carried a negative stigma in films and TV shows over the years by emphasizing the seeming lack of emotional connection and commitment of those involved. However, these encounters can really help someone find the comfort they seek, as well as finally progress past unhealthy emotional connections to their exes. Rather than portray this positive side of things, the crossover chose to send the mixed message that while Alex should work on moving forward and having fun, she should still feel awkward and wrong about engaging in the one-night stand.

'Supergirl' [Credit: The CW]
'Supergirl' [Credit: The CW]

The Alex-Sara Plot Thread Rushed Alex's Character Development

In addition to this mixed messaging, the crossover hookup also carries the issue of feeling entirely too rushed for Alex. The breakup process between Alex and Maggie concluded in Supergirl Season 3 Episode 6 after the sisters traveled home for help in overcoming their grief. Part 1 of the Arrowverse crossover was the eighth episode of the season, giving only a one-episode breather for Alex to process her heartbreak, accept moving on, and deciding to give herself another chance with someone else. It simply didn't feel realistic that within only a couple of weeks following her breakup she'd decided to go for it again after losing the love of her life, for whom she still clearly harbored feeling after mentioning her conflicting feelings for Maggie in Arrow.

The other issue with how rushed this connection is that she had her first rebound hookup with Sara, which fueled the rushed feeling as well as felt lazy in the writing. If the writers had chosen to wait and allow Alex some more time to breathe, her hookup with Sara actually could've worked a lot better in creating this emotional connection between the two teams (Supergirl and ), but instead, it came across as a convenient and somewhat cliched plot thread. In feeling more like a cheap crossover ploy rather than an actual attempt at progressing Alex's growth, it undermines potential character growth down the line for the still-grieving Alex.

If the writers had taken the time to let Alex let loose on Supergirl a few episodes from now, it could have been spun it in a much more positive way of Alex understanding she is now free to do as she wishes and try to find happiness once again. But in having Sara and Alex get together for the sole purpose off the crossover, as they may never get another chance in the future, the writers have shown they are still unsure of how to handle Alex's post-breakup journey, and if they don't change things soon, fan outlash may begin to increase.

How do you feel about Alex's post-breakup journey thus far? Did you feel Alex and Sara hooking up during the crossover was good for the characters? Let us know in the comments below!


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