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Even though this years' Arrowverse crossover told its story across an unprecedented four episodes, it turns out that a running time of 180 minutes or so still didn't provide The CW with enough time to include everything that they wanted.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained that;

“[The crossover] came in wildly over [time], not surprising. You’ve got to keep the plot going, and you had to have room, especially in these episodes, which probably had even grander visual effects sequences than we’re used to in an average episode, so it tended to be those little jokey moments that fell by the wayside.”

The Flash [Credit: The CW]
The Flash [Credit: The CW]

While we don't possess the ability to time travel like The Flash or the crew of the Waverider, we're still fortunate enough to be given a glimpse of what could have been thanks to Kreisberg and his fellow executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, who revealed the nature of these deleted scenes to Entertainment Weekly:

Salex? Alara?

Supergirl [Credit: The CW]
Supergirl [Credit: The CW]

Kreisberg — “There was a little exchange between Sara [Caity Lotz] and Kara [Melissa Benoist] that I really liked — I don’t think we even filmed it — where Sara says, ‘Hey, do you want to get a drink when this is all over?’ And Kara says, ‘I think you wanna meet my sister.’ Just the idea of starting the Sara/Alex [Chyler Leigh] shippers going…”

Don't worry Salex shippers. Now that Cisco's device allows Supergirl to travel freely between worlds, a potential relationship between Sara and Alex could one day become a reality.

Harping On About Roy

Arrow [Credit: The CW]
Arrow [Credit: The CW]

Guggenheim — “There were moments with Colton [Haynes] and Colin [Donnell] in Arrow that were scripted that we obviously just couldn’t do because of Colin and Colton’s availabilities. For example, Roy was going to be Thea’s [Willa Holland] boyfriend, that hadn’t changed, and they met when he stole her purse, and that also hadn’t changed. I just thought that would have been fun and nice to see.”

While it's a shame that Colton Haynes wasn't able to return to film these scenes, it was still gratifying for long-term fans of the show to see Roy Harper reappear briefly at the end of Arrow's 100th episode.

Comic-Book Talk Dominates

Kreisberg — “There were a lot more nods to the comic book. There was discussion about the size of their circles and how that was indicative of where they stood in the caste system, so I’m sorry some of that stuff went away just because it was great flavor, and I think people who are fans of the original comic book would have seen a lot more of our joy at adapting Invasion in there, but unfortunately, to get these down to the proper time, that’s the kind of stuff that tends to fall by the wayside.”

Hopefully, some of the ideas that didn't make it into the final cut of this year's crossover can resurface when the Dominators return on Supergirl early next year.

A Case Of The Emperor's New Clothes

DC's Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]
DC's Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]

Guggenheim — “Originally we had designed the Dominators with the green robes that were very iconic of the comic. When we decided to do all the Dominators full CG, as we ended up doing, the robes had to go away because the presence of the robes made animating them prohibitively impossible.”

Sure, dressing the Dominators in robes would have been more faithful to their appearance in the comics, but they would have also looked like Alchemy wannabes and no one wants that.

Super Team-Up

Supergirl [Credit: The CW]
Supergirl [Credit: The CW]

Guggenheim — “There was a Supergirl moment on the Waverider that I really wanted to get in there. I’m not going to tell you what it is, because we may do it next year, but Supergirl never ended up on the Waverider, so we couldn’t do the moment.”

With the Legends roster ever-expanding, could Supergirl become an honorary member next year in the annual CW crossover event? We'd love to see Kara reunite with the crew of the Waverider, even just to see Heatwave awkwardly flirt with the Maid of Steel once again.

Thea Brings H.R. Up To Speed

Arrow [Credit: The CW]
Arrow [Credit: The CW]

Kreisberg — “There was a funny scene between Speedy and H.R. [Tom Cavanagh] where she says, ‘So what are you doing here? What value do you bring?’He’s like, ‘Well I’m writing a book,’ and she’s like, ‘Oh, that’ll be a big help,’ and walks away.”

As one of the few humans involved in the fight against the Dominators, Thea says what we're all thinking here in a a hilarious exchange which would have worked brilliantly if included in the final cut.

Check out more info from behind the scenes of this years' Arrowverse crossover in the clip below:

See also:

Sure, this years Arrowverse crossover has only just finished, but the idea of seeing Kara team up with the Legends of Tomorrow again has already wishing we could jump on board the Waverider and skip forward 12 months.

In the meantime though, while these deleted scenes could be reworked and included in future crossovers, diehard fans like myself just hope that Barry Allen may mess up the timeline once more time to bring these ideas to life. After all, what harm could it do?


Would you like to see Supergirl date Heatwave?

[Source — Entertainment Weekly]


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