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Thanksgiving is the time of year where people like to give... well, thanks, but all the Flash gives is zero f**ks, if the latest clip from Supergirl is anything to go by.

The promo opens with Kara settling down for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner alongside her boss/former lover, the son of the villainous Toyman, an alien rival from the planet Daxam, her alien-hunting lesbian sister and her Mom.

Check out the clip from 'Medusa' below:

Each character explains what they're grateful for, which leads to some hilariously awkward toasts from James Olsen (who wants to reveal his secret identity as Guardian) and Alex Danvers (who's ready to drunkenly out herself as gay to the rest of the group).

Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without some soap opera drama, but before Kara's sister is able to reveal her true sexual identity, Team Flash crash the party by opening a breach over the dinner table, signalling the start of the Invasion crossover.

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

While Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon don't personally turn up to ruin Thanksgiving — presumably because there are still some timelines left that need messing up — it's probably safe to assume that they're behind these inter-dimensiol hijinks. Needless to say, the portal that ripped a hole in time and space above the turkey dampened the mood somewhat.

What comes next has already been revealed by The CW — Barry and Cisco open the breach to enlist Supergirl's help against the Dominators, an alien race who will stop at nothing to wipe out the human scourge of the Arrowverse.

Check out the full-length trailer for The CW's 4-way crossover below:

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Tying in a number of threads from ongoing story lines in Supergirl, this 'Medusa' clip officially kicks off The CW's crossover in the best way possible, combining the typical Arrowverse humor with the genuine thrills promised by all of the promos that we've seen so far.


Does Barry Allen mess up the timeline by accident or is there something sinister lurking behind those baby blue eyes?


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