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(Disclaimer: Spoilers for The Flash below. Continue at your own risk!)

All of the shows is the have their own share of mysteries this season. However, during this week's monumental crossover, we were given the answer to one of the biggest mysteries — one that not only affects one show, but the entire Arrowverse. Finally, Barry's message to Rip Hunter on Legends of Tomorrow was fully revealed, and the consequences are enormous.

Watch the CW Arrowverse full length promo for 'Heroes Vs. Aliens'- the four night crossover event:

Barry Allen 2056

Many fans were disappointed about the way the 4 show crossover began, and for good reason. Supergirl kicked off the event, but her episode hardy constituted a crossover — Barry and Cisco showed up in the last minute of the show, to the dismay of many fans. Luckily, The Flash made up for lost time by assembling his pseudo-Justice League in record time — he literally rounded the entire team in under 10 minutes.

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

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Once all of our heroes were assembled, they planned to train against Kara, to prepare them for the Dominators. Before their training begins, Dr. Stein and Jackson pull Barry aside to inform him of a message they have received from the future — this cryptic message was revealed on Legends of Tomorrow, and was from Barry in the year 2056.

Watch Barry Allen's message from Legends of Tomorrow below:

Thanks to this episode of The Flash, we finally know what future Barry really told Rip Hunter. In this message, Barry tells Captain Hunter that when The Legends return to 2016, no one can be trusted, not even Barry himself. Why would this be the case? Maybe because of an alien invasion? Maybe some sort of mind control? Well, the answer to that question can be answered with one word: .

The Consequences Of Flashpoint Will Affect The Arrowverse For Years To Come

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

Last season Barry went back in time to save his mother, thus creating the alternate timeline known as Flashpoint. After a series of unfortunate events (Wally West dying at the hands of The Rival being the tipping point), Barry ran back and let his mother die, which restored the timeline, sort of. In doing this, he caused ripples that affected not only his timeline, but those closest to him. The Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg spoke with reporters earlier this week about the future Barry's message stating:

We didn't know quite how far the implications of Barry's time travel affected the world as a whole — beyond Barry's core group of friends, the farthest-reaching change was that the gender of Diggle's child changed. What we learned tonight is that the ripples Barry created in the time-space continuum increase exponentially as time goes on. Future Barry speaks of a war, where hero will be turned against hero, and no one can be trusted. Essentially, he fucked up the timeline so much, that he had to reach out to his time traveling friends — who were in a non-temporal zone — for assistance.

Apart from learning that Barry's time-fuckery has lasting consequences, we learned that something really big is coming to the Arrowverse. This event will be so large, that it will affect every show in ways we can't even imagine. Barry's constant molestation of the timeline has already impacted the lives of those closest to him — a fact that Cisco made Barry reveal to everyone on tonight's episode.

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

On Legends of Tomorrow, we learned that a "war" is coming to the Arrowverse — and that the scope of Flashpoint is much larger than we thought. This raises a few big questions, including: What does the future hold for our heroes? How does Flashpoint threaten the very existence of the Arrowverse? What can be worse than an all-out alien invasion?

All of our questions will be answered in due time; however, this episode of The Flash has set a blueprint for what will happen for a long time to come.

The Hall of Justice And Beyond

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

We have just witnessed the very beginning of what will become the Justice League. Seeing all of these heroes team up to fight a common foe is extremely exciting — but even more exciting than that, we were teased with a look at the headquarters of the Justice League, The Hall of Justice. Compounded by the Dominator invasion — plus all of our heroes fighting each other — this episode left our collective nerd consciousness buzzing with excitement.

The CW's Arrowverse has certainly evolved far beyond anyone's wildest dreams. We have an ever-growing roster of heroes, and the Justice League is right around the corner. This episode dealt with a lot of consequences from past events, but it also gave the promise of a brighter future — one that will make us all squeal with delight!

Watch the promo for Arrow's crossover episode below:

For the rest of the season, there will be tons of speculation as to what event all of the shows are leading up to — maybe their will be some sort of "Crisis" — but one thing is for sure: The Arrowverse feels like it just got a whole lot larger. Make sure to keep watching the crossover event, continuing with Arrow on Wednesday, November 30th at 8PM/ET on the CW!

Sound off! What do you think the ultimate consequence of Flashpoint will be? Let it be known in the comments section below!


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