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(Disclaimer: Spoilers for Supergirl below. Continue at your own risk!)

One of the most anticipated television crossovers of all time began tonight in the closing minutes of Supergirl. This event brings together all 4 of the DC Comics shows on The CW: Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. What brings our beloved heroes together? In true Justice League fashion, they join forces to face an intergalactic threat, known as the Dominators.

Watch the CW Arrowverse full length promo for 'Heroes Vs. Aliens'- the four night crossover event:


The CW has been laying the groundwork for this crossover since the inclusion of Barry Allen in Season 2 of — and the Arrowverse has grown exponentially since then. This is by far the biggest superhero event ever on television, and the "Girl of Steel" kicked off the festivities tonight during the latest episode of Supergirl, entitled 'Medusa'.

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

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We knew of the impending crossover weeks in advance; however, we didn't know what role Kara Danvers would play in this event. Since Supergirl takes place on an Earth separate from the other shows, there was a bit of confusion on how our heroine would come to help the rest of the superheroes. This confusion was lifted in a series of promos where Cisco is seen opening a inter-dimensional gateway — by fully tapping into his Vibe powers — and helping Barry retrieve Kara from her earth.

Image - The CW
Image - The CW

In the midst of a crisis caused by an alien virus named Medusa — which targets and kills aliens specifically — the aforementioned "Vibe portals" pop up around Supergirl's earth. Once all the problems of the episode are solved by Helen Slater (for real, she ties up all loose ends from the plot in one fell swoop), the crossover finally begins to take shape.

Barry and Cisco pop over from their earth and recruit Supergirl to help them fight the alien invasion on Earth Prime (the home of all of the other CW superheroes). She accepts the offer — thank the sweet lord, because they definitely need more heavy hitters on their team — and she is whisked away to Earth Prime to join the pseudo Justice League. However, as we learned tonight, the decision to bring Supergirl in to help defeat the Dominators might just bite our favorite heroes in the ass.

Supergirl Vs. The Arrowverse

Although it was a long build-up, the episode had one hell of a pay-off. Kara Danvers is finally invited by Barry and Cisco to come help them on Earth Prime. However, could Supergirl's presence be a fatal mistake for the rest of the heroes?

Watch the 'Invasion!' promo below:

After 'Medusa', we were treated to a promo for the upcoming crossover episode of The Flash, entitled 'Invasion!". We see in the promo that Supergirl has a weird energy emanating from her forehead, and we see Caitlin Snow saying "The Dominators have her under mind-control". This makes perfect sense, since the Dominators have the ability to control the minds of other species, according to the source material.

This could be very interesting, seeing as the Justice League's big gun has now been turned against them. The big question now is: how does our pseudo-Justice League subdue a Kryptonian — who is almost God like in terms of power — without Kryptonite? We've seen no evidence so far to suggest that Kryptonians exist on Earth Prime — this leaves our heroes extremely unprepared for Supergirl, and it could cause major problems.

In terms of power, can be a heavy hitter, and with the assistance of Firestorm, they may be able to hold Supergirl off. Chances are, they will use the combined technological genius of Felicty, Cisco, Caitlin, and Martin Stein to bring her down, and find a way to break her connection to the Dominators. We have no idea how the events will play out right now, since the last episode of Supergirl barely dipped a toe into the crossover — Barry and Cisco literally showed up in the last minute of the show.

With the crossover event just beginning, we don't know the scale of the Dominator's invasion, or how they plan on taking over the whole planet. It definitely looks like Supergirl is going to play a key role in their plans, which is not good at all for our heroes. Whatever happens, it looks like it is going to be a fantastic ride! Make sure to keep watching the crossover event, continuing with The Flash on Tuesday, November 29th at 8PM/ET on the CW!

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Can the rest the Arrowverse heroes defeat a mind-controlled Supergirl?


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