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This year's Arrowverse crossover may be DC TV's most ambitious project to date. Titled "Crisis on Earth X," the four-part crossover will see the superheroes we know and love go up against the villainous versions of themselves from a world where Nazis won the war, all on Iris and Barry's wedding day. One of the most popular theories for a potential Arrowverse has always revolved around the superheroes facing off against their evil doppelgängers. Last year I predicted this very event happening, and this year I added that a crossover could be set on Barry and Iris's big day. As it turns out, the Arrowverse writers have merged the storylines for Justice League of America: Wedding Edition and Crisis On Infinite Earths to make this year's crossover a possibility, so it's not too far off from my own predictions. And while the poster for the crossover looks spectacular, it may have just revealed the fate of several key characters from Arrow who weren't confirmed to be alive in Season 6.

As fans may recall, 's brilliant Season 5 finale left us praying for our favorite characters, since pretty much everyone was on the island of Lian Yu when it blew up. While the show has remained mum on who it will write off following the events of Season 5, the network may have accidentally revealed who lives and who dies by releasing the poster, done by legendary comic artist Phil Jimenez.

[Credit: DC Comics & CW]
[Credit: DC Comics & CW]

What The Poster Reveals

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The poster depicts Mister Terrific, Wild Dog and the Black Canary all alive and well. What's surprising about CW's decision to include these characters in the poster is that (with the exception of Black Canary) were never confirmed to be alive after the events of the Arrow Season 5 finale.

Now, it looks like most of our favorite Arrow characters will turn out just fine. In fact, I find it hard to believe that Arrow is planning to write off those characters who aren't in the poster too, meaning that Felicity, Diggle, Quentin and Thea are probably safe.

Both Diggle and Felicity are part of the original Team Arrow, so killing any of them would be a gross mishandling of these characters. Furthermore David Ramsey (the actor who plays John Diggle) has confirmed that he will be giving parenting advice this season, which definitely means he's returning to Arrow in Season 6.

Unlike Diggle, Felicity actually has an arc in the upcoming Season 6: her fight against the hacker group, Helix. Killing her character right now would mean abandoning a really interesting arc in the middle, and thus never satisfyingly closing a chapter that played such an important role in Arrow Season 5.

Quentin & Thea

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The chances of Quentin Lance being on the writers chopping block is slim, too. Arrow writers clearly have a penchant for drama, one they've shown multiple times in previous seasons of Arrow. They've also been completely merciless with Quentin, killing off his daughters only to bring resurrect them again and again. With that in mind, it's frankly hard to imagine the Arrow showrunners deciding to write his character off particularly now that the villainous doppelgänger of his daughter is in town.

Even Thea Queen will probably be alive when Arrow returns. Firstly, the Arrow writers have made a list of people they aren't killing and Thea is one of them. Secondly, killing her character doesn't make sense with Amell's recent comments to TVLine about Oliver being happier in Season 6:

“It’s a strange thing. Oliver actually this season is a very contented individual. Methinks that will probably change, based on just 120some episodes of history. But I’ve seen three episodes and he’s smiling a lot more….. It’s nice as an actor to not be a stick in the mud all the time.

Losing his sister could only serve to make the brooding vigilante all the more hardened, so that too discounts her possible death. Lastly, Roy Harper's return to the show wouldn't be half as interesting without his former girlfriend around to see him. Roy and Thea's pairing has been loved by fans since the two became a couple in the show's first season, so it would make sense for Thea to be in the show when returns.

That said, there seems to be only one character left who won't be alive in Season 6: Samantha Clayton. The mother of Oliver's only son hasn't had much time on the show for fans to really like her and her death certainly opens up doors for the Arrow writers creatively. All things considered, with the recent crossover announcement Arrow has certainly managed to ensure that we will tune in when it premieres October 12.

Is your favorite Arrow character safe? Let me know in the comments below.

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