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The decision to remake 's classic Oldboy was controversial enough, but less than a week after its release, an even bigger controversy has arisen surrounding 's latest film. Artist Juan Luis Garcia is claiming that the ad agency responsible for marketing the new Oldboy stole the designs he submitted for the film's poster.

In a statement posted on his site, Garcia claims that the agency asked him to submit work, told him Spike was thrilled with it, but then offered him insultingly low compensation. When Garcia refused the offer, he says he was harassed and threatened with legal action; despite having filled out no previous paperwork. Then, when the poster was released, it bore his work despite his having not been paid a dime.

Ever the master of grace, Lee posted this little tidbit on Twitter...

If you ask me, the only thing "cheap" in this situation is the ad agency. Obviously we don't know the whole story, but it cannot be denied that the final Oldboy poster errily resembles Garcia's design (as you can see below).

You Decide

Also, this isn't the first time Lee has demonstrated a lack of character on Twitter. Let us not forget the time he tweeted George Zimmerman's home address and encouraged his followers to inflict vengeance upon him. Thing is, the address he tweeted belonged to an elderly couple who had nothing to do with the case who were then harassed.

As a writer, I've been in situations wherein greedy corporations tried to tell me that I should "just be happy with the exposure" I'd get for working for them and just accept little or no pay. That's apparently exactly the tact the agency took with Garcia and, judging by the poster images, they simply decided to steal from the man when they couldn't rob him.

What do you think?

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