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Crossovers are a natural phenomenon in TV land, from Supergirl–The Flash–Arrow to The Simpsons–Family Guy, crossovers are a way for shows to get new audiences and revamp themselves. However, this anomaly is rarely seen or highly regarded in the anime world. There are not a lot of series that venture into these water. Moreover, those that do are not very memorable. Therefore, you won't see Ichigo (Bleach) and Naruto (Naruto) battling it out.

So, how about a totally different medium? What about a Western cartoon and anime crossover? Without getting much into both types, the basic conclusions is that, they are not regarded the same. A lot of people argue that the difference between the two depends on how they are perceived — anime is deep and meaningful and cartoons are just childish animation.

Despite this negative and unpopular stereotype — there are great and bad series on both sides — artist Mikhail Sebastian has taken upon himself to show how fantastic a crossover of two popular series would be. Mikhail drew some amazing pieces of characters from Cartoon Network’s Ed, Edd n Eddy reimagined as if they lived in the pirate world of One Piece.

Rolf And Roronoa Zoro

Nazz And Sobo

Ed And Luffy

Sara And Nami

Johnny And Trafalgar Law

Jimmy And Chopper

Edd And Usopp

Kevin And Sanji

Eddy And Franky

Based on these fanart pieces, there is definitely room for a cartoon and anime crossover. Perhaps this fan crossovers can encourage studios to venture outside their comfort zone and give fans something different.

What Other Animated Crossovers You Would Like To See?

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