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One of the most unusual pieces of news to come from this year's San Diego Comic-Con was the announcement that the DCEU would be pushing forward with a Flashpoint movie. The previously announced movie based around Ezra Miller as is now renamed as one of the most infamous storylines of all time.

A Flashpoint In The Pan

A bold move indeed, it does raise several questions: Is being used to retcon Mr. Affleck ahead of his possible departure from the ? Is it a jumping-off point for more "Elseworlds" stories? Or is it just a bit of fun for once from the typically gloomy studio?

While casting is still likely a long way off for Flashpoint, could we see two DCEU alumni return as a certain pair of "doomed" fan-favorite characters. Notorious fan artist BossLogic has once again worked their magic on another "what if?" scenario. This time, we imagine and reprising their roles from Batman v Superman to play Thomas and Martha Wayne. Being a major part of Flashpoint, we expect the Waynes to have starring roles, however, those who follow the story arc from the comics will know it isn't quite what it seems.

Thanks to some timeline f*ckery from Barry Allen, Flashpoint audiences find themselves in an alternate reality where it was Bruce Wayne killed in Crime Alley instead of his parents. We get a wholly darker tale for the Dark Knight, where Thomas Wayne plays a game of "shoot first, ask questions later" and takes on the mantle of a violent Batman. Things get even more twisted when the death of Bruce turns Martha Wayne into an unhinged psychopath and this world's version of the Joker. Given the rave reviews of 2013's animated Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, can Warner Bros. make it second time lucky with a live-action adaptation?

Morgan and Cohan didn't just share (brief) screen time in BvS, they currently play Negan and Maggie respectively on AMC's The Walking Dead. Given that Morgan and Zack Snyder go back to their Watchmen days — and with Snyder still being a big player in the DCEU — will Negan really pick up a batarang instead of a wire-wrapped baseball bat?

Sure, the DCEU has come under fire for its particular dark tone — and Flashpoint might only make things worse — but with the comedy stylings of , this one could really work. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has always remained coy on his possible involvement with the character, but it would certainly make sense for both him and Cohan to suit up as their super alter egos. Although some people aren't that pumped for Flashpoint, this would be a piece of casting news that would put a Joker-esque smile on all our faces.

Check out the trailer for the animated Flashpoint movie and don't forget our poll below!


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