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Did you know I, Frankenstein was originally going to feature vampires as the protagonists? Well, apparently it was. You see, producers thought vampires would be more lucrative in this post-Twilight-Vampire Diaries epoch we've found ourselves living in. Luckily, they were persuaded otherwise, thanks in part to concept art created by Martin Mercer.

Martin Mercer has forged himself a long and illustrious career as a concept artist, working on such film as Iron Man 3 and the upcoming 300: Rise of an Empire. It seemed his artwork for I, Frankenstein was one of the most influential, as it actually helped the movie get green-lit. Check out his demonic creations below:

Unfortunately, it looks like all of this work was in vain. Currently I, Frankenstein only garners a score of 5% on Quite the shame really...

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Source: ComicBookMovie


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