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FYI: When you're watching the remake of Evil Dead, be sure to stick around after the credits. It looks like there will be a special surprise for those who wait. However, it could have been a completely different one that now lives in fanfic heaven. It looks like this could make it to the Blu-ray, so if you want to be spoiler free, avert your eyes now.

Here's the scoop from a reader at Bloody-Disgusting:

“I was told that there was a scene for post-credits where they shot Bruce Campbell in the Ash role but of course he is older (trying to integrate him into this remake’s timeline for future possible cross over),” the reader explained to us. “The surviving member of the group is walking down a road (all covered in blood from the final scene in the movie) and suddenly a truck (with the word “S-Mart” printed on the side of the truck’s container unit) drives up the road and stops by the survivor. Then the window roles down and we see none other than Ash (Ashley Williams…Bruce Campbell)…the hero and survivor from the original Evil Dead trilogy. He asks the survivor if everyting is OK and if any help was needed. Then the Survivor looks at Ash and turns again into a Deadite (gets possessed again)….then we see Ash with the camera zoomed in a close-up on his face as he says: “Groovy!” (one of his famous catchphrases from Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness…you fans know what I am talking about) and we fade to black… I was so excited and shocked when I heard this little golden nugget by the insider. Then the person goes on to tell me that they shot the whole scene but when Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell watched it they decided it was out of place (for now).”

Everything in my body is happy. I can understand why producers decided that this wasn't a good fit, but it would have been a perfect gap to pay respect to the one and only Deadite hunter, . I really hope that they create some sort of hybrid that exists between the remake world and Evil Dead 4 / Army of Darkness 2.

Until then, my feelings can be summed up by a monologue from the original film: "Why are you torturing me like this? Why?!"


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