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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are the perfect example of relationship goals. They'd been friends for years before getting married, they have two children, and they take any available chance to show their love for each other. But it was quite a story to get to where they're at now.

In fact, their real-life love story could be more interesting than all of their movies put together. The actor recently made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, where he went into detail on the rollercoaster ride that was their relationship.

Those '70s Show Roots Were Awkward AF

Kunis and Kutcher first met when working on , playing Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso, respectively. Their first kiss happened in the series, but as revealed, it was an incredibly uncomfortable situation. First of all, the actors shared a sibling-like relationship, and to make things much worse, their kiss occurred when Kunis was 14 and he was 19:

"I was 19 she was 14. I did her chemistry homework [...] I think I was her first kiss, like on the show. We have our first kiss like memorialized on the TV show. [...] It was really weird, I was like, isn't this illegal? [...] It was really awkward [...] she was 14, she was like my little sister. I wanted to make sure she was okay."

Here's the thing, Howard Stern told the actor that stated during a past interview that she didn't find Kutcher attractive at first during their time on the show. To that, Kutcher responded she was lying, she just found him annoying for being an overprotective brotherly figure:

"She's lying, she has a journal or like a diary when she was a kid. She thought I was cute [...] At first I think she thought that I was good-looking. Shortly thereafter I was just annoying to her because I was like a big brother [...] 'he's annoying because he's always looking out for my best interests.'"

Things got better later on, though...okay, much later.

How Their Relationship Finally Began

When the actors reunited, they had just gotten out of long relationships. Kutcher had split from wife Demi Moore, and Kunis from Macaulay Culkin, and that coincidence created some tension between them. Basically, neither of them thought they were ready to jump back into a committed relationship yet:

"She's like 'you're not ready to be in a relationship' and I'm like 'I'm not ready to be in a relationship'? It was funny because I had just done this movie called 'No Strings Attached,' and she just did a movie called 'Friends with Benefits,' and we legitimately lived out our movies."

The combination of their mutual lack of faith in one another's ability to commit and inspiration from their respective romantic comedies initially led them to a no-strings-attached relationship...but that didn't last long. They eventually realized they were in love— in keeping with their quirky nature, however, it happened in an untraditionally romantic way:

"I think I was smoking cigarettes at the time and I was still a smoker, and she had quit smoking, and she wanted me to shotgun a cigarette smoke so she could breathe it in, and I was like, 'alright.' So I started doing this, and gradually through the night it got closer and closer and closer [...] I think it was pretty mutual, it was kind of obvious that things were happening."

This sounds like the material for one of the most original and riveting romantic comedies/dramas out there, and I wouldn't have a problem with watching it unfold on screen.

If you're wondering what the couple's been up to lately, Kutcher has led Hulu's for the past two seasons and will appear in this year's The Long Home a movie about a young man who unknowingly starts working for his father's killer. He's also a well-known entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Thorn, an organization dedicated to fighting child trafficking. As for Kunis, she's starring in , the sequel to her hit comedy Bad Moms. It's set for a release date of November 3, 2017.

What do you think about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis' love story? Let me know in the comments!

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