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Over a decade has passed since That '70s Show ended its eight-year run. The period sitcom based in the 1970s is easily one of the most rewatchable series of all time for the incredible cast of characters and humorous storylines. The chemistry among the cast carried over off-screen as many of them remain close friends and even continue to work together. Two of the show's stars are even spreading their '70s Show love down to their kids.

They may not have been the endgame but and portrayed one of the best couples in the series in the form of Jackie and Kelso. Kunis and Kutcher surprised fans back in 2012 when the two rekindled their romance but this time they swapped out the on-screen shenanigans for a off-screen relationship. Kunis gave birth to their daughter, Wyatt, in 2014 before the couple wed the following year. Last November, they had their second child, a son named Dimitri who looks to be the latest fan of in their family. Kutcher shared a picture on his Instagram of their son wearing an outfit with a callback to their show featuring a photo of Jackie and Kelso with the text, "Hello, Wisconsin," which fans will recognize as the sign-off of the theme song.

The on-again, off-again relationship between Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso remained at the forefront of the series' early seasons. The duo spent a lot of time trying to salvage their rocky teenage relationship. The romance was plagued by Kelso's infidelity and Jackie's constant distrust but it served up some of the series' funniest moments. Think back to the time when the usual dim-witted Kelso accidentally started a fire at Jackie's fancy dinner party and tried to put it out using brandy.

One person who doesn't seem to agree with the hashtag comes from the family of fellow co-star Danny Masterson, who played Hyde. His sister Alanna Masterson, who currently stars in The Walking Dead, jokingly commented on Kutcher's post with "I'm pretty sure it's Hyde and Jackie 4ever." It makes sense that she'd be Team Hyde in support of her brother but it is safe to say Alanna supports the real-life coupling of Kunis and Kutcher as she also became good friends of the cast through her brother.

Kutcher and Danny Masterson continue to work together on Netflix's comedy The Ranch, which was recently renewed for a third season slated for 2018. Kunis will next be seen in the sequel to the 2016 popular Bad Moms, with A Bad Moms Christmas premiering November 3, 2017.

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