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From his breakout role as the beautiful moron Michael Kelso in That '70s Show, to being 1/2 of one of the most shippable couple in Hollywood, to his recent starring role in Netflix's The Ranch, it's hard not to love . As though you needed another reason to list him among your favorite A-list celebs, Kutcher just delivered a moving, impassioned speech to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday morning, all about protecting people — particularly children — from human trafficking.

Kutcher and his ex-wife Demi Moore co-founded Thorn, a company that programs software to help detect and prevent child trafficking and sex trafficking. Kutcher serves as the chairman of the company, and testified to the committee as part of a hearing on how to put an end to modern slavery:

Ashton Kutcher Addresses The Senate [Credit: C-Span]
Ashton Kutcher Addresses The Senate [Credit: C-Span]

"I am here today to defend the right to pursue happiness... This is about the time that I start talking about politics and the internet trolls tell me to stick to my day job.

So I'd like to talk about my day job. My day job is as the chairman and co-founder of Thorn. We build software to fight human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. That's our core mission. My other day job is that of the father of two — a 2-month old and a 2-year-old. And as part of that job that I take very seriously, I believe that it is my effort to defend their right to pursue happiness and to ensure a society and government that defends it as well."

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A verklempt Kutcher went on to describe some gruesome details about what he's encountered in his work with Thorn, as well as a story in which the Department of Homeland Security turned to Thorn for help:

"I've been on the other end of a phone call from my team, asking for my help because we had received a call from the Department of Homeland Security telling us that a 7-year-old girl was being sexually abused and that content was being spread around the dark web, and she had been being abused and they had watched her for three years and they could not find the perpetrator, asking us for help. We were the last line of defense, an actor and his foundation were the potential last line of defense. That's my day job, and I'm sticking to it."

Ashton Kutcher Addresses The Senate [Credit: C-Span]
Ashton Kutcher Addresses The Senate [Credit: C-Span]

Kutcher also described a specific story in which Thorn was able to rescue a teenage girl from Oakland who had been abducted and sold into trafficking after three days, thanks to a tool they developed called Spotlight. Thanks to the technology developed at Thorn, investigation time for law enforcement into sex trafficking cases is reduced by 60%. Kutcher also made a call to action for examining the foster system, as well as being harsher on corporations that are known to be affiliated with sex trafficking pipelines.

You can watch the entirety of Kutcher's speech below.

After Kutcher's concluded his comments, he and Senator John McCain — who Kutcher has long regarded as an inspiration — quipped that Kutcher was better looking in the movies, to which the responded by blowing a kiss.

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