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David Latona

Expectations as of late are pretty high: Marvel/Disney are set to make a huge announcement this weekend at the D23 Expo (Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Pavilion). To really make fans suffer, they've put out a teaser image (with a brief accompanying text) where they foreshadow a very weird project in the works. Here's the mysterious teaser:


This weekend, only at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts pavilion during D23 Expo 2013, ask for something WEIRD and get your first look at an all-new project coming from Marvel and Disney!

Does anyone have the slightest inkling what Marvel/Disney may be referring to? Obviously it will have to be comic-book-related (Dr. Strange immediately jumps to mind with his synonymous-sounding alias; or maybe it could be a reboot of the Man-Thing, possibly Marvel Comics' weirdest protagonist?) and probably either an upcoming movie or a Disneyland ride that justifies this little marketing gimmick. According to IGN, a few years ago Disney had a movie project in the works titled The Museum of the Weird, which makes it seem like a frontrunner for containing the key to the meaning of the teaser. However, the theme-park attraction-based movie got dropped three years ago, and Marvel's involvement would be hard to explain right now (unless they're planning to launch a new comic as a companion to the film).

So time to put on your speculating caps! Get ready for more updates on this weird, weird tale.



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