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2016 has been a fantastic year for TV shows all across the board. We got great seasons from Game of Thrones, Veep and House of Cards, as well as some amazing new shows like Stranger Things, Westworld and the show in question here, . The first season of Atlanta gave us a very real and honest look at modern-day Atlanta and the rap scene that thrives there. The shows leads — , Brian Tyree Henry and Keith Stanfield — are often hilarious, which is a much needed element to counteract the often bleak themes the show tackles head on. This perfect blend of drama and comedy has me stoked for Season 2. Although It's probably a while before Season 2 airs, there's no harm in speculating what we can look forward to.

1. An Album From Paper Boi

Paper Boi in the middle [Credit: FX]
Paper Boi in the middle [Credit: FX]

There's no doubt that Paper Boi is one of the best characters in Atlanta and, unfortunately, he still hasn't gotten his big break in the music industry, despite having his hit song "Paper Boi" playing on the radio. So far in Season 1 we haven't seen him quite get the respect he deserves, which at times can be hilarious, (like the Justin Bieber episode where he gets jealous of Atlanta's version of Justin Bieber and takes him out in a friendly basketball game). One way Paper Boi could finally make it big is if he drops a full album in Season 2.

2. Rapping From Donald Glover

Donald Glover who plays Earn [Credit: FX]
Donald Glover who plays Earn [Credit: FX]

When you've got one of the most talented singers/rap artists in the world (Childish Gambino) on your show and he's playing the rapper's manager, you know there's something wrong.

I know Donald Glover is a producer on the show so he might've tried to be modest in Season 1 rather than just rap straight away. Nonetheless, I'd love to see a musical performance from Donald Glover in Season 2, to showcase his considerable talent.

One way this could happen is if Paper Boi reminisces about how he and Earn (Donald Glover) used to rap together when they were younger and how they should recreate that in the present day. I've got a feeling this is something we're definitely going to see in Season 2, it would be such as shame not to.

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3. More Darius!

The comedy relief [Credit: FX]
The comedy relief [Credit: FX]

There's no doubt that Keith Stanfield's, Darius, is the funniest character on the show. He plays the role of Paper Boi's best friend and as the season goes on, we see him and Earn start to warm to each other, despite their initial skepticism.

Featuring Darius too heavily could put too much of a comedy bend on the often hard-hitting dramedy format. Despite this, I think Darius is by far one of the best things this show has got going for it. He's one of the most effortlessly funny actors I've seen in a long time and I would love to see him bathe in the spotlight more.

Keith Standfield is unsurprisingly just as funny in real life, only a few weeks ago the actor crashed the stage for Silicon Valley at the Critic's Choice Awards to protest their win. Check out the hilarious video below:

4. More Childish Gambino Easter Eggs

Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" in the background [Credit: FX]
Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" in the background [Credit: FX]

As we've previously mentioned, Donald Glover (Earn) is also Childish Gambino in real life and he used his strings as a producer of the show to have his latest album Awaken, My Love! subtly featured in one of the episodes. Look out for the distinctive cover in Episode 9, "Juneteenth," where we see Earn and Van go to the wealthy home of a cringeworthy human embodiment of "white guilt."

In Season 2, I'd love to see more Easter Eggs like this. When we talk about Easter Eggs, it's usually to do with Star Wars, Marvel of DC, but I think it's a cool to have them appear in other formats too. Maybe we could see Gambino's two other album covers make a stealth appearance in Season 2?

5. Rapper Cameos!

Joey Bada$$ in 'Mr Robot' [Credit: NBC Television]
Joey Bada$$ in 'Mr Robot' [Credit: NBC Television]

Rappers turning to acting is a trend that's becoming more popular in Hollywood and I'd love to see more cameos occur in Atlanta Season 2, especially if Paper Boi becomes a hit and gains more attention from bigger rappers. But who, you ask? Below are 10 rappers or RnB artists I think could really add to the show:

  • Chance The Rapper
  • Mac Miller
  • J. Cole
  • Logic
  • Anderson .Paak
  • Big Sean
  • Frank Ocean
  • Tyler, The Creator
  • Drake
  • Kanye West

I know the last two might be too big to appear and even know Paper Boi on the show, but imagine how cool that would be? Seeing Kanye West greet Paper Boi and tell him he loved the mixtape would be truly epic!


Who's your favorite 'Atlanta' character?


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