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Atomic Blonde immediately caught our attention with its action-packed sequences, neon aesthetic, and of course, the lesbian love affair. Charlize Theron’s upcoming adventure follows her character Lorraine Broughton, a top-level MI6 spy who is sent alone on what could be her deadliest mission yet.

But clearly, her mission won't be all that lonely. The movie's latest clip focuses on Lorraine's steamy encounter with Delphine (Sofia Boutella). Check out the footage below, which is named after Re-Flex's famous '80s hit:

'Everybody Says You Can’t Do That — Which Is Such Bullsh*t'

Atomic Blonde is based on the graphic novel, The Coldest City, which didn't have a trace of lesbian hookups. But when it came to the live-action adaptation, Theron and her team wanted Atomic to challenge stereotypes and stand apart from other action films. She expressed to Entertainment Weekly:

"I remember sitting in a room one day thinking about how do you make this different from other spy movies. It’s really hard. Who is going to be the love interest? Kurt [Johnstad], who’s a punk rock writer, suggested she falls in love with a woman. It’s unexpected. It’s refreshing. Everybody says you can’t do that — which is such bullsh–."

It's worth noting that the movie's sex scenes aren't intended for shock value, but are incorporated into Lorraine's character and the film's overall narrative. Director David Leitch emphasizes:

"It wasn’t about being provocative. It was more about if you are a spy you will do whatever it takes to get information. Everything is about survival and getting the mission done. And when you are a character like Lorraine, she will find her intimacies and her friendships in small doses, with anyone she can. Those moments of real [connection] are so few and far between; she even questions whether or not they are real. You sort of find comfort where you get it.”

This film is fueled with female badassery and characters who are comfortable with their sexuality. Hopefully, it will be a burst of hope for representation in cinema that is desperately needed.

Atomic Blonde hits theaters on July 28.

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