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Attack On Titan is an anime franchise that surprised its creators when it became a global phenomenon. The instant the anime hit screens, fan were created in a bolt of lightning akin to a Titan shifter ready to wreck havoc. What infuriated fans was the massive delays between the first and second seasons, with a total of three years between the two. Naturally, when the second season's release date was revealed, fans were relieved that their diligence and patience paid off.

The season was worth the wait, as it focused on the "Clash of the Titans" arc from the manga, where fans would discover the identities of both the Armored and Colossal Titans. In addition to this, it is revealed a member of the 104th cadet corp is another Titan shifter that had yet to be revealed — the Jaw Titan. Perhaps the biggest disappointment for fans was the reduced number of episodes for the season. The first season consisted of 25 episodes, while the second season only 12 episodes. However, there is a reason behind this decision: the manga itself. WARNING: Spoilers for Attack on Titan follow.

The first season covered the first 32 chapter of the manga. At the season's conclusion, a total number of 55 chapters had been released. So, even if the second season had followed the following year, it would have instantly resulted in less episodes. The three-year gap was to allow more of the source material to be released so the would not overtake the manga. At the conclusion of the second season the anime has now reached chapter 50 out of a total of 94 (current number of chapters at the date this article was published), leaving 44 chapter to cover.

With the creators of the show now adopting a 12-episode format, it means the show will not have to go years between seasons again. This was proven with the exciting news that Season 3 of the anime show is set to hit the screen next year, and not in three years' time in 2020.

'Attack On Titan' [Credit: Funimation]
'Attack On Titan' [Credit: Funimation]

The image was revealed at the end of the second season, and fans are already getting excited to see the scouts gear up for more Titan-slashing action. The season will commence with the rest of the corps learning the truth behind the Titans: that they were all once humans. It will also explore the revelation made at the end of the second season — that there is another walled settlement where the Titan shifters originate from. We will also learn more about Historia and how her family (the Royal Family) know more about the secret of the Titans than anyone.

They will also likely reveal the classification of the nine types of Titan shifters in the third season. We already know six of them: the Colossal Titan, Armored Titan, Attack Titan, Female Titan, Jaw Titan and Beast Titan. This leaves the Founding Titan and Cartman Titan to be revealed. Yes, the keen reader will have noticed this is only eight Titan shifters, but that is because the ninth Titan shifter has yet to even be revealed in the manga. The one we are most likely to find more information on during the third season is the Founding Titan and how its origins are linked heavily to Historia and the Royal Family.

'Attack on Titan' [Credit: Funimation / Kodansha Comics USA]
'Attack on Titan' [Credit: Funimation / Kodansha Comics USA]

The image above is a comparison of the end credits from the second season and an image directly from the manga. It depicts the Founding Titan and the other eight types of Titan shifters. Depicted with a war horn, it is said the Founding Titan has the ability to control other Titans. Those who have seen the second season will now be scratching their heads after a revelation made in the final episode of the second season. Needless to say, those questions will be answered in the third season, and it is highly likely we will finally discover the truth of what happened to Eren's father and how he got his Titan-shifting abilities.

The second season was full of action and built on the story set up during the first season. However, it has left us with even more questions, and thankfully we do not have to wait three years for them to be answered. So, Titan fans, pencil in 2018 in your anime calendar and keep an eye out for more news and information on the coming third season of the nape-slicing, thrill-riding franchise of Attack on Titan.


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