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Warning! While this article does avoid Attack on Titan manga spoilers, it does contain Season 2 anime spoilers.

Attack on Titan has finally returned for Season 2, and fans are dying to get answers to the mysteries revealed in Season 1. The situation with the Titans seems more complicated than ever, and it's never been more unclear who can be trusted.

The very first Titan attack hinted at something deeply significant to the mystery of the Titans, and I'm not just talking about Doctor Jeager's work. The presence of those raving Wall Cult members— or "Wallists" — in the streets was a nod to their importance to the storyline in the future. And as we saw in Season 2 Episode 1, they're more connected to the Titans than anyone suspected.

So what's the deal with the Wall Cult, and what secrets are they hiding? Let's take a look:

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Who Are The Church Of The Walls?

Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]
Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]

The Church of Walls — or "Wall Cult" — are heretics who worship walls Maria, Rose and Sina. They believe the walls were a gift sent by a higher power to protect them from the Titans, and thus sacred. As Pastor Nick describes them:

"The wall is a miracle, and its divinity transcends human comprehension."

Unfortunately, their belief that they're protected by their "higher power" hasn't been going too well, with many Wallists being killed by Titans.

Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]
Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]

As radical as their ideas are, the Church has a mysterious amount of sway with the government. They have successfully delayed modifications to the walls, leaving some sections unarmed and vulnerable to attack from Titans. According to Pastor Nick, "meddling" with the walls is "sacrilege". It's for this very reason that some Scouts have remained suspicious of the powerful Wallists, especially Pastor Nick.

Do They Know About The Titans' Secrets?

Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]
Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]

Up until now, the Wallists have appeared to be nothing more than religious nuts. But after the appearance of the Wall Titan in Season 2, it looks like they know a lot more than they've let on.

Upon seeing the Wall Titan, Pastor Nick demanded it be covered in order to keep it away from sunlight, and thus prevent it from gaining power and breaking out. His orders were more than a matter of exercising some common sense (for once); it was a sign that he's probably known about the Titan in the wall for a long time.

This raises so many questions. Are there more Titans inside the walls? How does Pastor Nick know about them? And what does this have to do with the Church's beliefs?

Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]
Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]

Come to think of it, it's oddly suspicious that Pastor Nick was even on site when Annie's mysterious crystal casing was being taken away. But whatever he knows, it's a secret that Pastor Nick is happily willing to die for:

'Kill me and learn. We will fulfill out duty, without fail."

It's possible that the Church wants to protect the walls in order to protect what's inside them— Titans. Does this mean that the Church are actually opposed to killing Titans? Pastor Nick did call for Eren's execution after his Titan form was revealed; although Eren himself was responsible for killing quite a few Titans himself.

Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]
Attack on Titan [Credit: MBS]

Or maybe Titans are in fact the only thing capable of reinforcing the wall against, well, other Titans. Just look at the impenetrable, crystal-like substance protecting Annie's Titan nape, and now encasing her human form.

By doing modifications on the walls, Pastor Nick knows there's a danger that the Wall Titans will be uncovered. But the questions still remains: why were the Wall Titans kept secret so long in the first place? If anyone knows, it's Pastor Nick. And sooner or later, he'll have to start talking.

What are your theories on the Wall Titan and the Church?


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