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Austin Swift is making a name for himself in the acting game. Following his appearances in the Pierce Brosnan-led 2016 film I.T. (not to be confused with the upcoming horror flick It) and Ben Affleck's passion project Live By Night, the younger Swift sibling is now set to star in the indie road-trip comedy .

The film stars Tammin Sursok (Pretty Little Liars) and Tom Felton (Harry Potter) as Star and Brandon, a pair of estranged siblings who reunite after their mother’s death to dispose of her ashes in a surprising way. The Wrap describes Swift's character as "a small-town hustler who has a run-in with the siblings that dramatically impacts the characters’ path."

It sounds like Swift has much more to work with in this role than his previous acting credits afforded, as the run-in with his character manages to somehow affect Brandon and Star's journey. The film veers toward comedy, so it'll be interesting to see how he works in the villainous role, and whether he manages to showcase any of his comedic chops.

The plot synopsis also contains an intriguing tidbit that I am insanely curious to find out about: how exactly do the siblings dispose of their mother's ashes in a surprising way? Do they find out their mom had some type of hidden resting place only she knew about? Or do they decide to go balls-to-the-wall and maybe snort her remains, Keith Richards style? Time will tell what strange way the siblings ultimately choose to say goodbye.

Whaling is co-written by Sursok and her husband Sean McEwen, who also tackles directing duties. The film has begun principal photography in Oklahoma with a release date presently unknown.

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