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Fox has released the dates for a select few of their upcoming films, and after running the numbers and consulting Theresa Caputo, it would appear that one of the unnamed titles might just be the long-awaited sequel.

The announcement included:

  • October 6th 2017— untitled Marvel movie, date pulled
  • November 2nd 2018— untitled Marvel Movie
  • December 21st 2018- untitled Lightstorm Entertainment movie
  • February 14th 2019— untitled Marvel movie

Nothing's confirmed yet, but the evidence suggesting that the 21 December release might be Avatar 2 is quite substantial. For one, it matches Fox's most recent statements indicating that Avatar 2 would be released around Christmas 2018. The unnamed film in question is also a production of Lightstorm Entertainment, Cameron's own company that produced the original Avatar.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

Unfortunately, James Cameron has toyed with fans' hearts one too many times for them to get their hopes up yet again. He's notorious for not only lengthy hiatuses between films — Avatar came 12 years after Titanic — but also seemingly endless delays.

To be fair, Cameron has had his work cut out for him as of late. He's been heavily involved in the Pandora expansion at Disney World, which opens summer next year; he's announced not one, but four Avatar sequels (all filmed back-to-back); and to top it all off, he's indicated his interest in formulating technology that enables cinema-goers to watch 3D movies without glasses.


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Still have faith that you'll be getting tickets to Avatar 2 for Christmas 2018? Then take look at Cameron's timeline of delays and judge for yourself:


James Cameron says he would like to make two sequels for his upcoming Avatar movie, depending on the success of the film.


Two Avatar sequels are confirmed, with release dates set for 2014 and 2015.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox


Cameron teases the possibility of a third sequel. The release of Avatar 2 is pushed back to 2015.


A third sequel is confirmed. Production for Avatar 2 is set to begin 2014. Release dates for all three sequels are pushed back to 2016, 2017 and 2018.



Release dates for all sequels are pushed back another year. Avatar 2 is set to begin production in New Zealand April 2016, with a 2017 release.


Cameron announces yet another sequel, making for a grand total of four movies (five including the original). Avatar 2 pushed back to Christmas 2018, with no word on the status of production in New Zealand.

Is this release rumour for real, or do you think Avatar 2 be delayed yet again?

[Source: Slash Film]


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