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Mark Newton

James Horner, the man behind Avatar's music, has been brought aboard for Ender's Game. This is prospectively awesome.

Ender's Game is based on the book by Orson Scott Card in which a bunch of kids are trained up to fight an alien invasion under the pretext its all a game. We already knew it would feature some serious acting talent, with , , , and , but now we also know Oscar winning composer Horner will write the score.

Horner is also the musical mastermind behind such films as Titanic, Braveheart, Field of Dreams, A Beautiful Mind, Aliens and Willow.

From the sounds of it, he has a lot of experience across several genres. Here's hoping he can set the perfect tone for this upcoming sci-fi flick.

You'll be able to hear how he does when Ender's Game releases on November 1, 2013.

Does the addition of James Horner persuade you further that the book is in safe hands? Let us know below.


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