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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

When you compare the latest Hulk to the long line of Hulks before him, there's no doubt that the guys doing the visual effects for The Avengers really did something amazing, so much so that it probably surprised very few that they nabbed an Oscar nom for Best Visual Effects.

The whole technologically amazing process gets a rundown in this latest video from Industrial Light & Magic. The most interesting part is when they talk about just what went into making sure that RuffaHulk looked like "a Hulked-out version of " instead of just a green monster that Mark Ruffalo turns into. Click on the image below to watch the video over at the Huffington Post:

With the detailed amount of work that went into crafting the VFX for Hulk, it's no wonder they got an Oscar nod. This wouldn't be the first time either, for both ILM and Marvel, after getting nominations for Iron Man and Iron Man 2. I would expect that ILM will be back for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and that we will see some even more innovative and realistic Hulkage.


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