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In March this year, motion capture artist Terry Notaro revealed that he'd joined the cast of Avengers: Infinity War as Thanos's unnamed "right-hand bad guy." Since then, fans have been putting together the puzzle pieces, and deduced that Infinity War will introduce us to the Black Order — Thanos's sworn servants, and his most powerful lieutenants. Created by Jonathan Hickman, the Black Order are ferocious warriors in their own right, and they'll make a fantastic addition to the MCU.

But how would adapt the Black Order for the ? Finally, MCUExchange has gotten the scoop!

The Secret Of The Black Order Revealed

To understand the MCU's version of the Black Order, you need to cast your mind back to . Although the film centered on the relationship between Star-Lord and his father, probably the darkest and most powerful scenes were shared between Karen Gillen's Nebula and Zoe Saldana's Gamora. We learned that both women had been stolen from their homes by Thanos, who had trained them to become his greatest warriors and assassins.

Sickeningly, this was achieved by forcing the sisters to compete against one another. The girl who lost would also lose a body part, with their bodies gradually becoming evermore cybernetic. Gamora knuckled down and strove to survive, retaining her flesh and bones, while Nebula was consigned to second place — and suffered terribly as a result.

The film's dialogue implied that Thanos had other children. Now we know; the MCU's Black Order will be reinvented as the children of Thanos.

What Does This Mean For The Black Order?

According to MCUExchange, the MCU's Black Order won't be given a group name. Instead, they'll simply be Thanos's children, sent out to do his bidding by tracking down the . We don't yet know which members of the Black Order will appear (although we're fairly confident of Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight). Still, we know that these are the beings who grew up under Thanos's influence in the MCU. Where Gamora and Nebula rebelled, they accepted it.

Compared to their siblings, Nebula and Gamora are Thanos's more well-adjusted children. Frankly, the Black Order should be terrifying — and they're likely to have something of a vendetta against their rebellious sisters. It seems the twisted family dynamic will be a core part of Thanos's identity in the MCU, a twist that's sure to fascinate fans.

This confirmation also subtly changes the shape of Infinity War. It's becoming increasingly clear that the film isn't actually inspired by Jim Starlin's classic Infinity Gauntlet arc; instead, the movies takes its cues from Jonathan Hickman's Infinity. That means we can expect Thanos's allies to launch a devastating, powerful attack on the Earth in search of the Infinity Stones. We can also expect the action to head to Wakanda; a detail that had already been teased by Avengers: Infinity War's casting-calls.

So there you have it, Marvel fans; the dynamic between Thanos and his Black Order promises to be a fascinating one. But these villains have been adapted to take on a subtly different shape to anything we've seen before in the comics. In my view, that should make them even more terrifying. The Avengers are certainly in for a fight!


Do you like this change to the Black Order? Or would you prefer a comic-book-accurate version?

(Source: MCUExchange)


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