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Over the years we've learned that Tony Stark is a man that likes to build things. Whether it's bombs, gigantic power generators, or a Hulkbuster suit, Tony always has something new under his sleeves. For the past few movies, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) hasn't been shy about the improvements he's made to the suit, and what it's capable of.

However, what about the suit that just happened to get mangled and torn to shreds by Bucky and Captain America in Captain America: Civil War? Well, the Photoshop skills of one artist seem to be giving us our first full look at what Tony Stark will be wearing before he possibly leaves the Avengers in Avengers 3.

[Credit: Reddit Uˇser derpston_p_derp]
[Credit: Reddit Uˇser derpston_p_derp]

The New Suit Should Really Fly In Outer Space

Since we all know Thanos is hiding on some floating rock in outer space, there's no doubt that Tony may be preparing for just such a fight. Y'know, after the whole nearly dying in outer space during a Chituari invasion in The Avengers, it only seems just that Tony Stark prepares for such an event.

There's also been no question as to what the first half of the suit looks like thanks to pictures that have circulated the internet. Luckily for us, this means he has a shiny new suit and some firepower to go with it. Let's just hope he remembers a secondary power supply in case Thanos decides to go Captain America on his new Mark XLVIII armor.

Does A New Suit Mean He'll Stay Post-Avengers 3?

Riri Wiliams a.k.a. Ironheart [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Riri Wiliams a.k.a. Ironheart [Credit: Marvel Comics]

While we all know the rumors that a few actors are leaving the MCU, Robert Downey Jr. hasn't been shy about it at all. So much so, that Stan Lee himself came out to say that they couldn't replace Robert Downey Jr., saying that he's the only man for the job. Fortunately for us, it's true, but even if RDJ does walk, there's plenty of time for us to see Iron Man shake things up in the MCU.

Plus, there's always time for Marvel to cast an actress to play Ironheart if the studio decides to bring the character Riri Williams in to take Tony's spot. Hopefully there's plenty of time before that happens, as Robert Downey Jr. still has more awesomeness to bring to the big screen in the upcoming years, and we need his snarky remarks against Thor as well as Captain America.

What do you think of Iron Man's armor?

(Sources: Reddit)


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