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While we've known the basic premise of Avengers: Infinity War for years now — Avengers meet Thanos, the big bad blue (now purple) dude who wants to conquer the universe using a bunch of pretty rocks — the details of the film's plot are shrouded in mystery. We assume that much of will take place in space, but we don't know how or why the Guardians of the Galaxy will team up with the ; we don't know how the gang will get back together after their emotional break-up in Civil War.

So much for what we don't know, here's something we do know. A new casting call has surfaced for extras in Atlanta, where Infinity War is currently filming. The call invites real-life heroic EMT workers to join the shoot, as their medical expertise will be needed to give a realistic performance for a key scene in Infinity War.

The casting call asks the EMTs-turned-actors to provide details of their experience when they apply for the roles. Filming will commence in downtown Atlanta in July. However, that's not to say that the scenes will necessarily be set there — the has used Atlanta in the past as a stand-in for New York City, adding in NYC's distinctive skyline digitally in post-production.

It would seem that, although Thanos has seemingly never set foot on Earth, a climactic sequence will take place in Atlanta/NYC, one which causes enough damage to merit several EMT extras responding to the crisis. Is Thanos's army invading Earth? Or has his Infinity Gauntlet caused galaxy-shaking changes to take place, disrupting the very fabric of reality itself? Did Tony Stark jump in the Hulkbuster suit again to blow off some steam with with his good work buddy Bruce Banner?

Without more details, it's difficult to say what this scene may entail, but I'd be willing to bet on a whole lot of damage to whatever city Atlanta is standing in for. Maybe Hulk broke Harlem again.

Tell us in the comments: What do you want to see happen in Infinity War?

(Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution)


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