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After nine years in the making, is now full steam ahead with Avengers: Infinity War. Just a few days ago, filming kicked off and shortly after the news hit, the Russo Brothers released the first set picture. Now, we possibly have a new and official logo to go with all of this Infinity goodness.

Actor Sean Gunn recently revealed that his Guardians of the Galaxy character, Kraglin, would be appearing in by posting a picture on his Instagram of himself with Avengers memorabilia. And through his envy-inducing beanie, the actor revealed what looks like the new logo for the third Avengers film. Check it out:

Here's a closer look at it:

The tongue-in-cheek caption read:

"Starting work on a new project. It's secret, though. I can't say what it is."

As we can see, the new logo greatly differs from the old one with which the movie was first announced in 2014:

The old logo for Avengers: Infinity War [Credit: Marvel]
The old logo for Avengers: Infinity War [Credit: Marvel]

has already changed various established logos for their upcoming movies, such as Thor: Ragnarok, Captain Marvel and more recently, Black Panther (twice), so it's no surprise we would get a redesign for Infinity War as the release date gets closer. But there are still some interesting details to notice:

Differing from the old logo, the new one sports a yellow color for its first half, which is reminiscent to the one used for the the film is based on: The Infinity Gauntlet.

On the other hand, its font is much more similar to Infinity's title, a comic book series that dealt with Thanos's arrival on Earth to find his Inhuman son, Thane:

'Infinity' logo [Credit: Marvel]
'Infinity' logo [Credit: Marvel]

We've known for quite a while that Infinity Gauntlet would be the source material for the film, so it's very unlikely the font is teasing an adaptation of this more modern storyline, especially taking into account the enormous bag of Thanos' backstory it would bring to the table.

Another thing that caught my attention is the ' signature "A" being part of the logo. I may be overreaching here, but it could be hinting that, even though it's a big space epic, it will be a very personal journey for our heroes.

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Regardless of what the new logo means (if anything at all), it looks like a great classic comic book throwback that reflects the similarities between Marvel Studio movies and their printed counterparts. Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.


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