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Marvel Studios is known for its methodical planning. After building a superhero cinematic universe for more than a decade, the studio has got quite a handle on it. Because of that, very specific teases in each of its films for future installments are to be expected. And no other movie in the franchise has been getting as many teases as next year's .

According to a new image, there may have been an Easter Egg right in for Infinity War. The MCU News & Tweets Twitter page posted an image of an Asgardian knight statue prop from Infinity War. The thing is, this isn't a new prop, we've seen it before. Specifically, two years ago in the Avengers sequel:

In case you don't remember it, don't worry, its appearance was brief. It came up during Thor's vision of the future, courtesy of Scarlet Witch, after the Avenger's first encounter with the perfected Ultron. As the God of Thunder wanders around what seems to be a bar, Heimdall delivers an ominous message to him, and it's there where the statue can be seen.

Now, as with any unconfirmed detail, don't take this picture for granted. But if it is real, with 's penchant for teases, this connection begs the question...

What Does This Little Easter Egg Mean?

Unfortunately, that's a bit hard to decipher because we simply haven't seen to get an idea of what's going on. But there are still two things to take away: First, obviously, this could mean was actually teasing the effects of Infinity War well in advance. When Thor's vision popped up in the film we all assumed Scarlet Witch was giving him a glimpse into Ragnarok. However, what if that wasn't only teasing the end of the gods by the threat we now know to be Hela, but also referring to Thanos acquiring the Infinity Gauntlet?

Thinking back to Age of Ultron's head-scratching pool scene, Thor's vision was all about the Infinity Stones and , so it's a possibility. Secondly, going by the part of the set visible in the picture, we'll most likely be visiting Asgard at some point in Infinity War.

That may not seem like much of a surprise but with speculation that the place will become naught but a memory in Thor's third solo outing, it leaves us with some interesting questions. But again, with so little information at our disposal, we could easily fall into unfounded theory territory.

For the sake of sticking to the evidence as much as possible, let's avoid that uncertain territory. After all, this is ultimately just a prop, and thinking about it through a more realistic mindset, it could just be the case that Asgard has many statues like that. Hopefully, we'll know what this little connection is all about (if it means anything, that is) once hits theaters on May 4, 2018.

What could this statue in both films mean for Avengers: Infinity War's story? Let me know in the comments!


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