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We're still over a year away from the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, but the film is already a hot topic of mass discussion. Considering that it marks the climax of Marvel's Phase 3, Infinity War is definitely going to set in motion the events that'll define the next stage in the MCU.

The studio has remained intensely secretive about the film, but we know it'll feature 60+ Marvel characters — and they won't all be heroes. What about the antagonists?

As of now, we know that Thanos is the main villain of Infinity War — and he may be accompanied by other Marvel villains in his crusade for the Infinity Gauntlet. Some would expect Nebula to join him (and she probably will), but the events of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 might see Nebula dead before Avengers: Infinity War takes place.

Nebula Isn't The Only Villain Who Could Join Thanos's Team

That's not to say Thanos isn't powerful enough to take on the Avengers alone; it would just be more entertaining to see multiple villains joining a team alongside him — much like how the Avengers have assembled their team.

The next several MCU films to be released will introduce some new villains to stand opposite of our heroes. Most notably, Doctor Strange will introduce Baron Mordo and possibly Dormammu; since Stephen Strange has been confirmed to have a pivotal part in the Infinity War — seeking to keep evil from plaguing the universe — it would be fitting if Dormammu made his presence known then.

Do The Elders Of The Universe Work For Thanos?

Thor: Ragnarok is expected to host several villains in its star-studded cast, but there's one villain in particular who will likely serve Thanos (and probably thereafter as well): the Grandmaster, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum.

With little information on the MCU's Grandmaster being revealed, we can take a look at Marvel Comics for more insight. He is one of the Elders of the Universe. As one of several Elders, the Grandmaster is associated with several other Marvel villains, including the Collector.

The Collector was introduced in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1, as Benecio Del Toro portrayed the Taneleer Tivan. He did not have much of a part in the film, but the Collector is bound to resurface sometime before Avengers: Infinity War.

One thing to consider was how the Collector wasn't revered as an Elder in GOTG. Yes, Gamora showed him a level of respect when they met, but there was no indication that he was of an Elder race. Could the Collector be hiding his ancient abilities?

Regardless of what can be inferred, we know that the Collector works for Thanos in the MCU. So if another Elder of the universe like the Grandmaster enters the scene, he'll probably have similar motivations.

The Grandmaster is known for inventing games, and he uses any worthy individuals he comes across as participants. In the scenario of the Grandmaster meeting the Collector along the way, the two may be at odds with one another or they may have similar goals, in which case we could see the Grandmaster and Collector by Thanos's side when the Infinity War begins.

What isn't speculative is the number of Marvel villains joining the MCU in the coming years. These are all the newest upcoming villains, any of whom could potentially be on Team Thanos.

Surtur ('Thor: Ragnarok')

Hela ('Thor: Ragnarok')

Baron Mordo ('Doctor Strange')

Kaecillius ('Doctor Strange')

Skurge ('Thor: Ragnarok')

Erik Killmonger ('Black Panther')

Man-Ape ('Black Panther')

Taserface ('Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2')

Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters on May 4, 2018. Who do you want to see fight the Avengers alongside Thanos?


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