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Remember that time Tyrion Lannister was an X-Men villain? Probably not, because Days Of Future Past was much more interested in time-travel mechanics and setting up Magneto as a bad guy than making Bolivar Trask, Peter Dinklage's drab scientist and creator of the Sentinels, the kind of villain you'll remember long after the credits have rolled.

So it doesn't really feel weird that Dinklage is jumping ship to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he'll play an unknown character in Avengers: . What's more interesting is that in a film guaranteed to be packed with heroes and various other players from the , Marvel are still introducing new faces — and presumably Dinklage's mystery character is going to be crucial to the Avengers' war with Thanos, regardless of which side he falls on.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past [Credit: Fox]
X-Men: Days Of Future Past [Credit: Fox]

While there's some speculation that Dinklage may be playing M.O.D.O.K. or Pip The Troll, I have a theory of my own which imagines that he'll take a role with far wider implications for the MCU...

Are We About To Meet The Watcher?

On the pages of Marvel Comics, the Watchers are an ancient alien race with spies in every corner of the universe whose objective is to observe all life without interfering and potentially altering the course of history, or the future — clue's in the name, folks.

Despite that being the one and only policy the Watchers must live by, Uatu, the Watcher assigned to observe Earth (introduced in 'The Fantastic Four' #13, 1963), has interfered with humankind approximately 400 times, which is probably just as well given that he'd probably be quite boring otherwise.

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The trouble with seeing everything, though, is that some secrets are worth killing for, and the Watcher's biggest moment came in the 2014 story arc 'Original Sin.' The last thing seen by the Watcher who saw too much is the face of his killer, and soon it falls to the Avengers to uncover that secret and enact justice.

Dead on the moon in 'Original Sin' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Dead on the moon in 'Original Sin' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The Watcher is a great character, but even if that's who Peter Dinklage will play in Infinity War, it's not immediately clear what part Uatu could play in the film's narrative. Considering the Watcher's ability to manipulate the fabric of time and to see the future, though, it could be that he comes to warn the Avengers of something that guarantees a victory for Thanos and by extension the decimation of the human race (thus interfering, again).

One interesting fan theory which has been doing the rounds for a while is that his cameos from one Marvel movie to the next are tied by the fact that Stan Lee is, in fact, the Watcher, but as fun as that would be, it's a major stretch. I prefer the idea that we'll actually meet Uatu proper, and that perhaps, after interfering in Infinity War, his Original Sin story arc will play out in the fourth movie.

With Infinity War beginning production in Scotland next month, it can't be long until we find out more about which MCU character the Game of Thrones star will embody. The apocalyptic showdown between Thanos and Earth's Mightiest Heroes arrives in theaters May 4, 2018.

Do you believe The Watcher could have a role to play in Infinity War, or is Dinklage playing another character altogether?

'Original Sin' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Original Sin' [Credit: Marvel Comics]


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