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Alisha Grauso

There are officially 53 days left (yes, I counted) until Star Trek Into Darkness explodes onto screens and fills our eyeballs with awesome. For now, though, we'll have to settle for what trailers we get and any images released, such as these action-heavy ones featuring a lot of rubble, a few guns wielded by Uhura () and Spock (), and what looks to be an injured Kirk ().

These images were released by Empire, which has assured us there will be much more Star Trek content in its May issue. That issue drops March 28th (go ahead, make sense of that), so you can expect to see a lot more in just a few days.

As a bonus, check out this video from Collider that shows London's Trekkie bent during Earth Hour, the yearly WWF event that turns off the lights in cities and famous monuments all around the world for one hour to raise awareness about climate change and energy consumption. London decided to light up the sky with the Star Trek logo, creating an eerie and gorgeous nighttime sky over the Tower Bridge (you know, the famous bridge that most people mistakenly think is the London Bridge).

Star Trek Into Darkness will be hitting theaters on May 17th. Until then, make sure to [[follow]] this movie for the latest Star Trek news.


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