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Sophie Atkinson

You guys, we're stuck in a traffic jam for the third time this week. Oh wait, what's that advert up ahead that seems cleverly tailored to channel my road rage into a movie-ticket buying frenzy?

Annnd, the same advert from another perspective:

The clever clogs behind the marketing campaign for Elysium have put up two viral billboards - one in Los Angeles, one in New York Times' Square - they imply that people won't have to sit in traffic jams in the space station from the movie.

It builds on the rest of their marketing campaign, which has a website for any plucky Earthlings who think they might suit living on Elysium better than on our dirty, poverty-stricken old planet. Apply for citizenship here.

If you're not familiar with the flick, check out a synopsis:

The year is 2159. For the few who can afford it, home is an idyllic space station called Elysium. The rest of mankind however, lives on the overpopulated, ruined Planet Earth. Naturally the poor, huddled masses yearn for nothing more than to live on Elysium. But anti-immigration laws are strict and enforced violently. When out-of-luck ex-con Max () takes on a suicide mission, he may very well bring an end to this inequality. stars as Secretary Rhodes, one of the staunch defenders of strict anti-immigration laws.

Elysium opens in theaters August 9.


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